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  • The Official Travel Guide of the Maldives
    Safaris » M/Y Dhaainkanbaa

    M/Y Dhaainkanbaa

    • Type: Safari
    • Distance From Airport: km
    • Number of Rooms: 7
    • Location:
    • Static Tours Pvt Ltd, M. Huraa
      Republic of Maldives
    • Telephone: +960 331 0307
      Fax: +960 332 6405
      Email: sales@static-tours.com
      URL: http://www.dhaainkanbaa.com

    Named after Sultana Dhaainkan’baa Dhi Kilege Mahaarehendhi, the Queen of Maldives from 1384 to 1388 AD, a ruler who was known for her exceptional beauty and a lifestyle of sheer splendor, the cruise offers an unforgettable experience of luxury befitting and worthy of royalty sailing on the pristine waters of the Maldive Isles.

    The cruise have been designed and built with the optimum comfort of the guest in mind, giving spaciousness and a fine mix of modernity and tradition seen in the intricate details and elegance of all aspects of design. The mesmeric atmosphere created by the decor of handcrafted wood works, lavish contemporary furnishings, individually selected pieces of furniture and suitably matched amenities, will provide the utmost relaxation as you cruise through the tranquil beauty of the coral atolls.

    We will fulfill your fantasies & dreams and make it a memorable adventure, be it the cruise of your honeymoon, birthday celebration, a leisure retreat or your underwater exploratory tour. Let our 20 dedicated staff and crew members, well experienced and trained in their respective fields of service, pamper you with their friendly smiles and enthusiasm to ensure you have a truly spectacular adventure.

    Dhaainkan’baa [pronounced dhaa-in-kan-baa], is undoubtedly the most exclusive and luxurious liveaboard cruise in the Maldives unmatched by any in facilities, services & staff to guest ratio, or just plain looks. What better way to experience the natural pleasures of the beautiful seas of unimaginable turquoise and blue shades, the colors and the abundant marine life of the underwater world, and the crystal white sandy beaches of the tiny coral island of the Maldives than onboard the floating palace of Queen Dhaainkan’baa!

    Amenities and Facilities

    • Scuba Diving Facilities
    • Spa
    • Snorkeling
    • Fishing
    • Sunset Cruise
    • Excursions
    • Disco
    • Karaoke
    • Diving boat
    • Sundecks
    • Water Sports
    8 9 7 5 12 1 4 11 10
    Cruise or Private Charter

    11 10

    Dhaainkan’baa is available for both group cruising and private charter. You could join on a Leisure Sailing Cruise, a Diving Cruise or a Surfing Cruise. For that very exclusive private retreat on the sea, with all the services and activities available onboard, for just you and your partner or should you choose upto 12 additional friends or family members, the private charter would be a truly personal adventure.


    Dhaainkan’baa offers seven cosy and inviting staterooms with spacious bathrooms (six doubles and one twin), expertly designed and exquisitely furnished for a relaxing time after a day of adventurous activity or slumbering in sweet dreams. The Housekeeping Staff will make-up your room twice a day.

    Room Comforts

    Queen sized bed
    Dressing Table & Stool
    Comfort Chair
    Private Digital Safe
    Private Bar with Soft Drinks & Liquor
    IDD Telephone (Bedside)
    Hair Dryer (In-room)
    Espresso Machine- Coffee/Tea
    Wi-fi Internet Access
    Internet USB Modem Broadband GPRS
    32 inch LCD TV
    Home Theater System - DVD Playerwith Surround Sound
    24 Channel Satellite TV
    Individual Air Conditioning
    Programmed Lighting Control
    Electronic ‘Do Not Disturb’ &
    ‘Makeup Room’ indication
    Universal Power Socket Outlets &
    USB iPod charger
    Ironing Board and Iron

    Bathroom Features 

    Hot & Cold Water
    Vanity with Wash Hand Basin
    WC and separate Bidet
    Spa Bath
    Shower Cubicle with Rain Shower
    IDD Telephone (Bathroom)
    Hair Dryer (Bathroom)
    Amenities - Shower Cap, Dental Kit,
    Comb, Shaving Kit, Cotton Buds,
    Shower Cream, Shampoo,
    Conditioner and Body Lotion
    Soft Comfort Bathroom Linen

    In-room Safety

    Emergency Escape Hatch
    Fire Safety System with Detector,
    Sounders & Easy Access Call Points
    LED Flash Light
    Life Jackets
    Emergency Lighting

    Laundry & Pressing

    The onboard laundry & pressing services will attend to all your laundry needs. A Laundry Bag with Laundry Service forms are placed inside the wardrobe.






    Relaxation & Entertainment

    Thirige Lounge

    Thirige Lounge or the main Saloon on the main deck is equipped with high comfort Italian made sofa seating for couch time or chit-chat about the adventures of the day. A high definition 3D Television with a Blu-Ray Player, adds blockbuster entertainment for those who wish to indulge into the world of 3D movies, games and documentaries. A selection of 3D movies comprising of movies and games suitable for different ages is available at the lounge.

    A state-of-the-art massage chair is provided at the Lounge for the relaxation of the guests during the cruise. Let the pre-programmed functions of the recliner massage chair relieve the stress on your muscles and mind, by the air-compression therapeutic massages that work on your neck, back, hips, thighs, calves and feet.

    Mathige Sun Lounge

    The place for nature lovers who like to graze in the Maldivian sun with a 360 deg view of the surrounding majestic scenery during the day. In the evenings, the sun deck becomes the star gazers spot of choice to view the countless stars of the clear Maldivian skies, where you can also gaze through the high powered telescope provided for the astronomy enthusiasts who prefer to go for a closer view of the celestial bodies in space.

    Vevu Hydrotherapy Corner

    With sun lounging and an 8 persons Spa Whirlpool Jacuzzi, Vevu is the perfect place to share chit-chat with family and friends alternating between sun baths and a dip in the hot tub with massaging jets. Drinks and Snacks are served at Vevu.

    Live Music

    A two piece blues/jazz band will enrich your evenings once a week at Medhuge Bar, giving you & your partner the opportunity to share the intimate joy of a dance.

    Dhulha-Heyo Spa

    Managed by the Anggerik spa chain, Dhulha-Heyo Spa offers specially formulated treatment packages particularly suitable for a sunny cruise with signature therapies that stimulate rhythmic energy flow through the body inspired by the movement of waves, stress relieving massages and after sun facials & full body treatments, provided in the uniquely crafted massage room of the Spa. The Spa is complimented by a Steam Room and Sauna, offering the long proven skin and body revitalizing benefits after a day of activity.

    Hashi-Heyo Fitness

    Being on sea does not have to bar those fitness lovers from having a good sweat. Keep in ship shape by hopping onto the treadmill, riding the exercising bike or doing light weight training.

    Adu-foshi Studio

    Enjoy and have some fun karaoke singing to all time favorite songs, playing Nintendo Wii virtual games or Sony PlayStation 3 game, or watch latest blockbuster movies on the 48 inch LCD TV with Surround Sound.

    Kanmathee Store

    The boutique makes available cosmetic items for the sunny marine climate, fine handcrafted jewelry of silver & gold with genuine natural stones, and unique local souvenirs. Take a lacquered vase as a memento of your adventure onboard the floating palace or as a perfect gift for the very special someone back home.




    Double Staterooms: 06
    Twin Stateroom: 01
    No. of Passengers: 14
    Staff and Crew: 20


    Port of Registry / Flag: Maldives
    Place of Build: K. Himmafushi, Maldives
    Year of Build: 2009
    Length O.A.: 40m
    Beam: 10.5m
    Draft: 2.7m
    Displacement: 415 Tons
    Cruising Speed: 12 knots
    Range: 1000 miles
    Hull Type: Balau Timber Mono Hull

    1 x 18m Diving/Surf Boat
    1 x Libra 6.5m Rigid Hull Inflatable Dinghy with Twin Engine
    1 x Lomac 5.5m Rigid Bottomed Inflatable Dinghy
    1 x Game Fishing Prowler – Fully Equipped – 2 x 225HP (Optional)

    Diving / Water Sports Equipment
    2 x Bauer Mariner Diving Compressor
    1 x NRC Air Pro 7.5-1150 Nitrox System
    DAN Oxygen Kit and First Aid Kits
    Diving Tanks, Regulators, BCDs, Wetsuits, Dive
    Computers, Masks, Snorkels & Fins, Balloons,
    Weights, Cameras & Housings
    2 x Yamaha Jet-Ski
    2 x Windsurfs
    1 x Kayak
    1 x Set Fun Tubes
    1 x Set Water Ski

    Safety Equipment
    2 x Life Rafts
    Fire Alarm System - with Detectors, Sounders, Call
    Points and Remote Indication Panel
    Lightning Protection ESE System
    CCTV Security & Safety Monitoring for Public &
    External Areas

    Explorations & Excursions

    Cruising through the atolls gives the chance to snorkel a different reef everyday, for you to enjoy the natural wonders of the life of colorful tropical fishes that dwell among the coral gardens with morays, turtles, rays and reef sharks. To make it an enlivening adventure, the onboard Dive Instructor will guide you on the snorkeling trips and share with you his knowledge on the Maldivian reefs.

    Water Sports
    Add a dash of thrill to your adventure by participating in your choice of motorized and non-motorized water sports activities available on board. Go kayaking round a sand bank as the sun rises, or have an exciting time with your friends and family funtubing.

    For an even more active time, practice your skills on a jet-ski perhaps with a few stunts as you whizz past, wind surf or water ski.

    The Maldives has a reputation as one of the best diving destinations of the world, with an abundance of fish, innumerable species of coral and sheer diversity of the experiences that could be enjoyed at the different dive sites. The diving facility on Dhaainkan’baa is PADI registered and dives will be guided by our experienced PADI certified Instructor or Dive Master. Diving is conducted from our diving boat of 50 Feet which sails together, for ease of access to reefs. The diving boat is equipped with modern dive gear, first aid equipment, DAN oxygen kit, GPS and radio communication with the cruise.

    Be it the ‘jail break’, ‘pasta point’ or the many other famous surf areas, Maldives boasts some of the best surf breaks in the world. The sister boat, sailing together with the Cruise, will drop the guests just meters away from the reef for Surfers to have a great time on the water. Due to the sailing routes and surfing requirements, Dhaainkan’baa does not offer Diving on Surf Cruises. Similarly Surfing is not available on Diving Cruises. Surfers shall request for a Surf Cruise at the time of the reservation together with information on gear rental if required.

    Night Fishing
    It is absolutely not necessary to be a professional to enjoy a good catch of fish. Try your hand at Night Fishing on the reef, which is the most popular form of fishing among visitors, and you can be certain of a good catch. It requires no special gear, just bait a hook and drop the line near the reef edge. Our chefs will barbecue your catch and serve it with dinner for the freshest taste of fish there ever could be.

    Sports Fishing
    For the more enthusiastic fishing adventurer, Dhaainkan’baa offers two types of speciality fishing. Big game fishing with rods, reels and lure for a catch of Yellow Fin Tuna, Sail Fish, Merlins or Wahoo depending on the monsoon. And casting on the reef for large reef fishes. It is always exciting to see a Black Jack or a Snapper leap out of the water as it grabs the lure.

    As an optional item, with extra charge, Dhaainkan’baa offers a special Big Game Fishing Prowler speedboat of 9.5m with a maximum speed of 44 knots, fully equipped with GPS, Fish finder, Game Fishing Rods & Reels and Lures. A perfect tender, for those serious Game Fishing guests who would like to test the Maldivian waters for the larger catch.

    Sand Bank Picnics & Beach Barbecues
    Experience unspoilt natural beauty at its best, being alone on a tiny little sand bank or a virgin island, surrounded by milky white beaches and lagoons of azure. Fulfil your hearts desires as you relax listening to the only sound of waves as they wash onto the beach with the occasional chirp of a seabird. Soak in the sun on the beach or wade in the warm clear waters, with a delectable snack or picnic lunch served.

    A speciality of the Dhaainkan’baa experience is the Beach Barbecue Dinner setup on the beach of an uninhabited island. Experience a romantic Maldivian evening with the colors of the sunset, and the Dhaainkan’baa barbecue.

    Local Island Visits
    A visit to a small inhabited island, where the population is only a few hundred at most, will show you a picture of the local culture and lifestyle. Kids strolling near the shore, playing with friends on the beach, or men and women occupied in daily chores show how simple life can be on these islands. This is also an opportunity to shop for souvenirs.

    Capital Island Visit
    Male’, the capital of Maldives, is a two square kilometer island that bustles with activity. Most of the Government offices and Corporate businesses of the country centered here, the economic development the country has achieved is visible on Male’ in high contrast to the rest of the country. Places of interest include the 800 years old Friday Mosque, National Museum, Fish Market and the Souvenir shops. 


    Wine & Dine

    With fresh produce from around the world and a fully equipped Galley coupled with a world class Master Chef assisted by an experienced team, Dhaainkan’baa delivers delicious temptations in gourmet and creative international cuisine in stunning settings.

    Thirige Restaurant
    The main restaurant serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner either in a sumptuous buffet or four course meals from a tabled’ote menu with choices for each of the courses.

    Compliment your meals with a glass of premium wine from the Wine Cellar’s collection of individually selected fine wines & champagnes from around the world.

    Medhuge Bar & Lounge
    Let it be a pre-meal aperitif, an after meal drink the atmosphere at Medhuge will lift your spirits high. Indulge in the delightful tropical cocktails that go well with every mood, be it romantic or to soothe the need to simply unwind.

    If you wish, you may share with your partner and friends the digital snapshots or video capture of the day’s adventure on the 48 inch LCD TV at the lounge.

    Mathige Bar & Grill
    Located on the spacious top sun deck, Mathige serves drinks, fresh juices, cocktails and snacks. On selected evenings, dinner is served with barbecue and grilled specialties.