Our campaigns are designed to promote the brand image of Maldives in accordance with our marketing plans. Following are the on-going and past campaigns by MMPRC.

On-going Campaigns

Adventures of Maldives

Adventures Maldives Video Competition is part of the Story of Maldives Campaign launched by MMPRC in 2017.  The main aim of the campaign is establishing a high brand resonance towards the Maldives as a Destination.

Winning video of Adventures of Maldives 2017 by
Naaid Ali

Winning video of Adventures of Maldives 2018 by
Ahmed Fazeel

Photography Ambassadors

The photography ambassadors program is aimed at generating up-to-date photography of Maldives to be used for all purposes of marketing. This program also creates a platform for local photographers to get established as tourism photographers and gain recognition for their work worldwide.

Mohamed Ajufaan Najih – “Aerial Photography”

Ali Mohamed (Eliyz) – “Spiritual Side of Life”

Zidhan Ibrahim (Dhern) – “Thrilling Side of Life”

Shafraz Naeem – “Underwater Photography”

Yoosuf Khaleel (Saaliha) – “Maldivian Side of Life”

Mohamed Miuvaan – “Romantic Side of Life”