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“Dhekunun Uthurah” Kitesurf event concludes

“Dhekunun Uthurah” Kitesurf event concludes

The kitesurfing event where participants travelled from the southernmost island of Maldives to the northernmost island concluded with a grand celebration from the community of Haa Alif Thuraakunu – the kitesurfers’ last stop. Three local kitesurfers Simbe, Hambe and Delio, joined by the two-time World Kitesurfing Champion Youri Zoon traveled across Maldives only by kitesurfing in a span of one month.

Aptly named “Dhekunun Uthurah” which translates as “South to North”, the event was the first of its kind in Maldives, which received an overwhelming support from the communities of stop-over islands. The sports event also doubled as a beach and ocean cleaning program to raise awareness on ocean-littering and harmful effects of single use plastic on the environment. The kitesurfers, along with the volunteers cleaned up a total of 228.4 Kilograms of plastic throughout the event.

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