Six Reasons to Visit Maldives for the perfect Halal Holiday!

Many reasons make the Maldives the World’s Leading Destination, whether you are seeking ultimate luxury, privacy, or diverse and unique experiences. As a 100% Muslim country, the Sunny Side of Life has many aspects and components which make the destination perfect for Halal or Muslim travellers. Services in our properties naturally reflect the requirements of Muslim travellers as the destination maintains service excellence and hospitality standards throughout its products to cater to the needs of varying niche markets and segments. From the availability of a wide variety of Halal food and drinks to the possibility of exploring Islamic cultural and religious sites in the local community, here are a few reasons that make the Maldives - the Sunny Side of Life, the perfect Halal destination, with consideration given to the needs of the modern Halal traveller.
1. Islamic values embedded within the community
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As a Muslim country, Islamic values are deeply ingrained within the customs and traditions of our people. Local communities are hospitable, caring, and respectable to all our visitors. If you visit and stay in a guest house on a local island, you will observe that the community is modest, does not allow alcohol, has designated beaches for bikini wear and serves only Halal food and drinks. One more perk of travelling and staying on a local island is that they have mosques on all islands. Guest houses will also provide you with qibla directions and Quran mushafs upon request. Prayer facilities in islands have dedicated areas to perform ablution and halls with prayer mats. There are many mosques and old Islamic heritage sights to see should you choose to visit the capital island.
2. The sort of privacy you seek, at the tips of your fingers!
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Privacy may be one of the most important things for a Muslim traveller, looking on honeymoon or go on a trip with family members. Our one-island-one-resorts have bungalows with private beach areas, and over-water villas with private pools, perfect for a Muslim couple who wants to make the most of their honeymoon getaway or a vacation with family. The rooms in the resort come with attached toilet facilities with hand showers aka Muslim showers. Almost all rooms have minibars, but you can easily request your property to clear alcohol products before check-in. For sisters wearing the hijab or niqab, you can easily enjoy our sunny days in the privacy of your own pool or your private beach area with your dearly beloved husband and a cool non-alcoholic drink in hands. 
3. Halal food and drinks galore
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Speaking of a cool drink in hand, if you are staying in a guesthouse/hotel on a local island, you’ll be pleased to know alcohol and pork are forbidden. If you stay in a resort, you can communicate with the management before or on arrival to ensure all your meals and drinks are Halal. Maldivian resorts also have many dietary options, including pescatarian, vegan, halal and vegetarian options for you to choose from. In fact, any kind of dietary preference or restriction can be accommodated to suit your preference or choice without limiting menu options. There are many halal food options available including Maldivian cuisine for you to try. The food is still going to be world-class, and non-alcoholic drink options are many. Must try Halal items from our local cuisine including garudhiya (fish soup) and rice, rihaakuru, raa (toddy drink) or a fresh king coconut.  
4. Activities personalised for you!
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In some of our resorts, you can easily book recreational rooms to have a place for yourself and your family. There are reading rooms, wellness rooms, and game rooms that can be pre-booked, so you don’t have to share them with others. Other recreational activities that give you privacy include setting up a private meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) by the beach, requesting a trip to a private sandbank with food and drinks included, and doing a movie night under the canopy of stars with you and your loved ones. The spas in resorts are also very private and only accommodate one couple or person at a time. So, you have no worries about bumping into people while relaxing and getting the much-needed wellness treatment.
5. Why not go for a Ramadan vacation?
Although uncommon, some people seek to travel during Ramadan, and must make sure that their destination offers Ramadan-friendly food, drinks and privacy. You can book your trip ahead for the whole holy month, spend it on a local island, break fast with local folks, perform Tharawees prayers at local mosques and enjoy local Halal food for iftar and suhoor. Local traditions surrounding Ramadan in the Maldives are joyous and numerous- there is a communal spirit within the people that we lovingly extend to travellers who stay in our communities during the holy month.
6. Visit a local community for Eid 
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Eid is a special holiday for muslims around the world. It’s the perfect time to travel to your home town or even other muslim cultures, to be part of the festivities or celebrations.There are many activities going on in the Maldives, in local communities, during Eid-Ul-Fitr or Eid-Ul-Adha holiday, which you can easily be part of. Festivities are extended not just in local communities and islands but also in resorts where they provide you the perfect opportunity to try local related cuisines, witness various sporting and cultural traditions and activities. You could learn a thing or two about local eid traditions by visiting the Maldives during eid holidays. 
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And there you have, a few reasons that the Maldives may be the ideal destination for Halal travels, especially for Muslim couples and families to choose for their next vacation. Once you visit the Maldives you would see that the tourism sector, the employees and Maldivians, in general, are facilitating and accommodating towards their guests, catering to their every need and requirement.
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