Maldives takes part at the 4th China-South Asia Expo 2016 as the ‘Country of Honor’. This year, Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation (MMPRC) together with the industry participants has taken part in this fair to promote Maldives tourism at the newly introduced tourism pavilion. This 6 day fair is taking place from 12 – 17 June 2016 at the Dianchi Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center in Kunming, China.

This year’s fair exhibits over 8,000 exhibitor booths, and expects millions of visitors throughout this 6 day expo. This expo is a great platform for traders, investors and tourism experts to showcase their products and exchange business.

MMPRC is participating with 17 representatives from 9 companies at the tourism stand, which is a 72 sqm space at the tourism pavilion, designed to showcase the culture and exquisite beauty of this tourism destination. Aside from the tourism stand, the main Maldives stand is being showcased in a 6000+ square feet space which is allocated for trade sector partners and for individuals from Maldives to showcase the culture, traditions and their talents. This year, the Maldivian delegation consists of more than 100 officials who have traveled to the expo including government officials, industry partners, performers, craft makers, chefs, artists and painters.

Since August 2010, China has managed to position itself as the top market to Maldives, with an arrival of 104,106 tourists to have arrived from the market up till April 2016. China being the top market in terms of arrivals to Maldives, this expo is a great platform as this is the biggest expo that takes place annually in Kunming, attracting travel trade, investors and professionals from all sectors to exchange business, giving Maldives a great exposure at the expo.

Location: Dianchi Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center in Kunming, China
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