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MMPRC Hiring Agencies for Online Campaign

MMPRC Hiring Agencies for Online Campaign

Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporations is looking for interested parties to launch an online campaign and content development service in 6 countries including the USA, Ukraine, Thailand, India, Russia, and China. The purpose of this campaign is to provide information about Maldives to the potential travelers in these markets in a consistent manner. The interested international companies are required to submit proposals to MMPRC in accordance with the details provided in the Request for Proposal.

The Managing Director of MMPRC Mr.Thoyyib Mohamed said that this is part of the global marketing campaigns conducted by MMPRC.

Managing Director of MMPRC, Mr. Thoyyib Mohamed

“The digital media is the most far-reaching platform for marketing today. We already have our presence in digital media platforms that create an unparalleled level of connectivity with the visitors. Now we are looking to create more targeted content for specific markets.” He added.

The deadline for proposals is 24 June 2019. Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation is actively involved in global marketing campaigns including fairs, roadshows, seminars, FAM trips among many other activities every year.

The RFP for the program can be accessed at https://visitmaldives.com/corporate/downloads/