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The Visit Maldives Photography Ambassador Program 2017/2018 is an initiative whereby the selected ambassadors will be travelling to resorts, liveaboards and guesthouses that are members of MMPRC to execute theme based photography projects.

Ahmed Shuau (Obofili) – “Aerial Photography”

A photographer since 2005, Shuau specializes in the Travel Industry for Hotels & Resorts, Aerial Photography & Wedding Photography. His clientele include some of the most prominent hotels & resort chains in the Maldives, as well as local travel agencies, and publishing firms. His profile and portfolio has been featured on well-known travel platforms such as Maldives.net.mv and Hotelier Maldives.

+960 7970363

Ali Masrah (Masrah) – “Maldivian Side of Life”

Masrah is a unique talent who has been active in the progressive world of photography since 1999. His skills don’t stop at freelance photography; Masrah was born a natural artist and an innovator. His passion towards the field began with his admiration for arts, craft, fashion and design. Contrary to other photographers, Masrah is able to effortlessly create his own equipment which further elevates his work to new heights. Masrah, who describes himself as a fashion photographer, also specializes in portraits, weddings, and captures the beauty and raw emotions of the society and nature. He is a one-man show, who has created a name for himself in the industry through honesty, integrity and creativity.

+960 7971797


Mohamed Azmeel (Double Dot) – “Romantic Side of Life”

Over the past fifteen years he went onto specialize in Fashion, Wedding and Commercial Photography and now has become one of the, if not the most prominent photographer in the country, proof of which is, the first Brand Ambassador for Canon and PPAC (Professional photographers Asia community)

 As one of the first local Photographer to ply his trade internationally, his work has been published in magazines throughout Asia, Europe and America, and has become a prominent name in the International Photographic Community.

+960 9990555

Ramon Nasrullah Kamaldeen (Ramon) – “Thrilling Side of Life”

A creative professional photographer with extensive advertising & editorial experience. Areas of expertise include Interior and Architecture photography, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Portraiture, Product and wildlife photography. Ramon became impassioned with photography when he was eight years old. His dad was an amateur photographer and his photography amazed me. “For a son, his first inspiration is his dad”, and he started to fall in love with his work in photography. It’s been a journey of three decades for Ramon. A few years later when finally his dad packed his old Yashica FX7 film camera and his text books in a cardboard box, he borrowed them (without his knowledge, of course) read the texts and went as far as dismantling the camera to learn its inner working.

+960 9988817

Shifaaz Shamoon (Sotti) – “Spiritual Side of Life”

Shifaaz Shamoon, also known as ‘Sotti’- a full-time professional photographer based in the Maldives. When Shifaaz was younger, he was fascinated with taking photos – for the effort and
constant learning it required, but also for the smiles it brought to his friends. With a lot of heart, he set out to become a photographer at the age of 15. It has been over 8 years since he started working as a professional photographer. Today, he is primarily involved in weddings, commercial and lifestyle photography. Equally, he specializes in underwater and aerial photography. Testament to this, he has worked on several projects within the tourism industry over the years and is now a Visit Maldives Photography Ambassador

+960 9193070