50 Ultimate Experiences: Your Next Holiday Inspiration

1. Take a scenic aerial tour on a seaplane
Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Maldives from a seaplane, with its scattered isles, lush coral islands, and vibrant reefs.
2. Floating breakfast in an infinity pool
Start your day in style with a floating breakfast in your private pool, complete with fresh juices and tropical fruits.
3. Live like a local
Dive into the Maldivian culture by staying on a local island, enjoying local breakfasts, interacting with locals, and trying island activities.
4. Stay in an overwater villa on stilts
Embrace luxury by staying in an Overwater Villa on stilts, offering direct access to the aquamarine lagoon and personalised butler service.
5. Swim in Harmony with nature
Connect with nature by walking on powder-white beaches and swimming in crystal-clear lagoons, where you'll share the waters with colourful fish.
6. Exquisite underwater dining experience
Delight your senses with exquisite underwater dining experiences, surrounded by vibrant marine life in surreal settings.
7. Treehouse adventures
Experience romance and nature in treehouse villas with transparent bubbles for stargazing and unique gastronomic adventures.
8. Beach Bubble Tent
Spend a magical night in a Beach Bubble Tent on a sandbank, enjoying stargazing and a private barbecue dinner.
9. Plant a coral to give back to nature
Contribute to coral reef conservation by participating in coral adoption projects at various resorts and witnessing their growth.
10. Sunset Fishing
Try traditional sunset fishing, enjoying the peacefulness of the ocean as you catch fish sustainably.
11. Experience the illuminated shore at night
Witness the mesmerising bioluminescent shores at night, where plankton blooms create a sparkling natural phenomenon.
12. Movie under the stars
Enjoy a romantic movie night under the stars on the beach, complete with popcorn, strawberries, and cocktails.
13. Sail across the pearlescent atolls
Cruise through the Maldivian atolls on a liveaboard, exploring emerald islands and translucent waters.
14. Explore shipwrecks
Explore shipwrecks and discover the hidden stories and vibrant marine life around these underwater sites.
15. Visit a UNESCO biosphere reserve
Visit one of the three stunning biosphere reserves in the Maldives, each offering unique ecosystems and wildlife.
16. Visit one of the longest beaches of Dhigurah
Take a leisurely stroll on Dhigurah, one of the longest beaches in the Maldives, with lush vegetation on one side and endless horizons on the other.
17. Take a tour of the National Museum
Journey through Maldivian history at the National Museum, featuring stone carvings, ancient Thaana panels, and intriguing artefacts.
18. Visit Utheemu Ganduvaru
Explore Utheemu Ganduvaru, the childhood home of Maldivian hero Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu, and a significant historical landmark.
19. Roam around the Greater Malé
Roam around Greater Malé City, visiting cultural spots, religious sites, and enjoying shopping for souvenirs.
20. Dive with tiger sharks in Fuvahmulah
Dive with tiger sharks in Fuvahmulah, an exhilarating experience in a unique diving location.
21. Island-hopping
Island-hop to experience the diversity of Maldivian islands, from inhabited to uninhabited, each offering its own charm.
22. Visit the oldest mosque, Hukuru Miskiy
Visit Hukuru Miskiiy, the oldest mosque in Malé City, known for its intricate carvings and historical significance.
23. Visit a surf break
Experience the thrill of surfing in the Maldives, with excellent conditions and surf spots across the atolls.
24. Taste Maldivian Hedhika
Savour Maldivian hedhika, a variety of savoury and sweet snacks best enjoyed with hot black tea.
25. Live the love story of Dhon Hiyala & Alifulhu
Explore the love story of Dhon Hiyala & Alifulhu on Burunee Island and visit their tombs on Kandoodhoo Island.
26. Take a mud bath in Fuvahmulah
Take a mud bath in Fuvahmulah's Koda Kilhi, known for its healing properties and mineral-rich mud.
27. Scenic drives across the longest link roads to Addu & Laamu
Enjoy scenic drives along the longest link roads in Addu and Laamu Atolls, offering breathtaking views.
28. Dolphin Cruise
Embark on a sunset dolphin cruise to witness playful dolphins in their natural habitat.
29. Visit the oldest fish market
Visit the oldest fish market in Malé to see the bustling activities of fishers, butchers, and customers.
30. Swim with magical mantas at Hanifaru Bay
Swim with majestic mantas at Hanifaru Bay in Baa Atoll, known for attracting large gatherings of these gentle giants.
31. Stargaze and learn about the constellations
Stargaze on the islands with low light pollution, or visit resorts with astronomers or observatories for guided stargazing.
32. Rejuvenate your senses at an underwater spa 
Rejuvenate with an underwater spa experience at Huvafen Fushi, the world's first and only underwater spa.
33. Swim with whale sharks at South Ari Atoll 
Swim with whale sharks in South Ari Atoll, a unique opportunity to encounter these gentle giants.
34. Flyboard and get your adrenaline pumping 
Experience the adrenaline rush of flyboarding, soaring above the ocean waves.
35. Tour the seascapes in the Whale Submarine 
Tour the underwater world in the Whale Submarine, exploring dive sites from the comfort of an air-conditioned cabin.
36. Must-try local cuisine 
Try Maldivian cuisine, including Rihaakuru, a thick fish paste, and traditional snacks like Gulha, Boakibaa, and Bajiya.
37. Freediving in style 
Dive into the world of freediving, a traditional activity in the Maldives, or take freedive training courses.
38. Scuba Diving Haven 
Explore the rich underwater world through scuba diving, with opportunities for beginners and experienced divers.
39. Experience the Bodu Eid Festival
Celebrate the Bodu Eid Festival, the biggest Islamic festival in the Maldives, with prayers, feasts, and traditional activities.
40. Traditional mat weaving in Gadhdhoo 
Witness traditional mat weaving in Gadhdhoo and purchase handmade Thundu Kunaa mats as souvenirs.
41. See the making of Kasabu Boavalhu in Madaveli
Observe the mesmerising traditional process of making Kasabu Boavalhu, an intricate design used in traditional Maldivian clothing.
42. Learn to dive in the deepest pool in Fuvahmulah  
The Olige Dive pool in Fuvahmulah, plunging to 4.6m in depth, offers an exhilarating opportunity for new divers to train in a safe environment. 
43. Learn a Dhivehi phrase 
Learn a few Dhivehi phrases, the unique language of the Maldives, to connect with locals.
44. Enjoy traditional boduberu beats 
Enjoy the beats of Boduberu, a traditional drumming and dancing performance often seen during celebrations on local islands.
45. Sail a Maldivian Dhoni
Sail on a Maldivian dhoni, experiencing the traditional sail and the beautiful scenery of the islands.
46. Experience Maldivian pole-and-line fishing
Experience Maldivian pole-and-line fishing, a sustainable and traditional method of catching tuna.
47. Watch native birds at a nature park
Watch native birds at nature parks in the Maldives, offering opportunities for birdwatching and canoe rides.
48. Get in touch with nature in mangrove forests 
Explore mangrove forests in the Maldives, crucial for preserving the environment and home to diverse wildlife.
49. Picnic on a private sandbank
Picnic on a private sandbank, enjoying a secluded lunch and a night under the stars.
50. Farm-to-table dining experiences 
Enjoy farm-to-table dining experiences at resorts, where fresh, organic ingredients are sourced locally.
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