A Perfect Valentine's Day for Two in the Maldives

Wake up to the rhythm of waves washing ashore in the Maldives. Your loved one is by your side. It’s 14th February - a very special day indeed. You wonder if you made the right decision to come to the Maldives for Valentine’s day. You open the windows to let in the sunshine and the salty tang of the balmy air. Romance, tranquillity and the sweet scent of possibilities is in the air. You know you’ve made the right choice; neither of you would rather be elsewhere. A day of romance, thrills, and adventure awaits you in the sunny isles of the Maldives. 
9:00AM : Greet the morning with a Floating Breakfast
Photo: @zoliebutterfly
How would you like to start your perfect Valentine’s day in the Maldives? A morning dip, or a delectable breakfast? How about both? 
The Maldives is not about compromise, it’s about having it all. Sit by your own private pool and order a popular floating breakfast. Let the chef know your loved one’s favourite breakfast options, they’ll be sure to make it special for both of you. The floating breakfasts in the Maldives are jam-packed with meeru (delicious) delicacies. Let us not forget that view of the endless Indian ocean. Romantic, unique, and oh so instagrammable. 
10:00AM: Ground yourselves with a walk around the Island
Photo: @munkoali
Have you heard of walking meditation? Connect with the sights of the palm trees, sounds of the Asian koel, and scents of the lush vegetation as you walk through the winding sandy paths. A walk reorients you and your loved one in the present moment, under the balmy Maldivian sun, and builds a presence that you can carry with you throughout your whole day. It’s also the perfect opportunity to take some intimate couple shots as you walk along the paths less taken. 
10:00AM: Swimming & Snorkelling in the crystalline waters 
Photo: @k8.gale
The allure of the ocean is calling both of you. You know this is why you’ve come to the Maldives. The pictures you’ve seen and the postcards cannot do it justice. The turquoise waters are unbelievably beautiful. Get your swimming clothes on and jump in, swim, swim, and swim. The waters are so refreshing, you can’t quite believe it. A childlike sense of joy and playfulness takes hold. 
Put on your snorkel gear and explore the breathtaking world beneath. Parrotfish, clownfish, surgeonfish, and the Moorish Idol are some of the beauties you’ll see underneath. You might even come across a blacktip reef shark if you’re lucky. Such a lovely shared experience is one that both of you will treasure for years to come. 
If you and your partner are more interested in thrill and adventure, why not grab a jetski and trim the waves, or skim the lagoon at high speeds on a wakeboard to get that adrenaline rush to feel rejuvenated and one with the elements. You want more? How about kitesurfing or navigating around the reefs on a catamaran. Strap yourself to a parasail with your SO and soar high in the sky.  You can add the sights of the scattered isles to your treasure trove of Maldivian memories. 
1:00PM: Lunch at an Underwater Restaurant 
Photo: @naghammjaber
Not tired of the underwater yet? Why don’t you and your significant other have a gourmet lunch at an underwater restaurant? You can still watch the fish dart by. Lunch and drink underneath the crystal clear waters. That’s a level of luxury you can’t quite get anywhere else in the world. Feast on oysters and drink the most vintage of wines while rays and turtles glide by your side. Intimate, romantic, and something to store in the memory banks forever, don’t you think? 
3:00PM: Rejuvenate with a couples massage 
photo: Huvafenfushi
photo: Comohotels
By now you’re both probably quite tired. What better way to revitalise and heal than getting a romantic couples massage? Treat yourself and your better half to a massage and stimulate your senses. Spas in the Maldives are the epitome of tropical sanctuary, with a wide range of signature techniques and rituals designed to recharge, refresh and rejuvenate. Pair your massage with a couples yoga session too, it’s all about connection and letting go of the worries of life in the Maldives. 
5:00PM: High-tea on the beach 
After a relaxing couples therapy, it’s time to sit down with your toes curled up in the powdery sand and enjoy some Maldivian high-tea. Try some handmade classic local treats like rice pudding simmered in coconut treacle, airy caramel crepes served with native fruit, the savoury goodness of Maldivian fish cakes or, a local favourite, lightly-fried egg and cabbage rolls. You can even choose to take a cruise at this time on a dhoni or yacht and enjoy your high-tea from on top of the deep blue sea, and maybe even meet some friendly dolphins on the way. 
6:00PM: Watch a Grand Performance of Nature
The Maldives is about stillness. Sit on the beach and watch the grandest performance of nature, a sunset in the tropics. Watch as the life giving star gently sinks into the teal sea. Watch as it illuminates a path across the Indian ocean. Watch the burning red wispy clouds form gradients upon gradients of colours you have never imagined in the vast sky. The day is coming to an end. You can see it, hear it, and feel it in the Maldives. The Koel that called in the morning calls again. The sun sets, and the first stars of the night begin to shine. 
7:30PM: Starlit Dinner at a sandbank
End the day with a dinner at one of the many thousands of private sandbanks scattered across the isles. Awaken your taste buds with haute cuisines, selected prime meat or seafood prepared fresh just for both of you. That feeling of the sand beneath your toes, the embrace of the tropical winds, and the sound of the waves washing ashore is the backdrop to the most romantic venue in the world. 
This is also one of the most idyllic settings that you will ever find to pop the question to your loved one, if that is in your plans for this Valentine’s Day. Just speak to your hotel, and you can be sure they will help you arrange whatever you need for your perfect proposal.
9:00PM: Cinema under the stars 
The night ain’t over just yet. Remember the romantic outdoor cinemas in the movies? You can take it a step further in the Maldives. Think outdoor cinemas with nothing but gently swaying palm trees around you and a blanket of stars above you. Grab a bottle of champagne, or two, and maybe some fresh strawberries, and snuggle up to your loved one and watch your favourite films together. 
photo: @humminglion
11:30PM: Bubble Tent Underneath the Equatorial Night Sky 
Spend the rest of your special night in a bubble tent, nestled in the lush foliage. With complete privacy and seclusion, embrace the night and watch the night sky the way it’s meant to be seen, a grand mosaic of constellations. The best time to cuddle, to remember and revel in the love and joy you have found in each other. 
A long day, and it’s all worth it for this moment. The moment when your mind and body is relaxed, the moment when you can connect deeply with your loved one. This is why you came to the Maldives, and it is a gift you will carry with you for as long as you treasure it. With that, your perfect Valentine’s Day in the Maldives comes to an end. 
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