Awe-Inspiring Addu; Unforgettable Experiences Beyond the Equator

Welcome to Seenu Atoll, a captivating destination carefully selected for the Visit Maldives Storytellers' Conference 2023. Seenu, also known as Addu Atoll, is a uniquely alluring region with a rich history and breathtaking landscapes. Conference participants will have the opportunity to escape to the lush paradise of Addu City and immerse themselves in the stunning vistas above and under the water.
With 24 islands, including 4 inhabited ones interconnected by a convenient link road, join us as we explore the spectacular Seenu Atoll and capture unforgettable wonders beyond the equator.
Discover the Best of the South of Maldives
Photo by: Equator Village
Addu offers the chance to fulfil your dreams of crossing the equator. This southernmost atoll of Maldives entices travellers from far and wide. Celebrate the crossing of this mythical line and earn a 'Fly past the equator' certificate. Let this remarkable way to experience Maldives inspire you on the extraordinary journey ahead.
An Unforgettable Adventure
Photo by: Pebbles Inn
Addu is a tropical paradise inviting nature enthusiasts to explore the rich biodiversity of Maldives. The Addu Nature Park, a true reflection of the Maldives' ecosystems, features the country's second-largest Eydhigali Kilhi wetlands and pristine Koattey area. Visitors to the park can encounter unique bird species like the native Dhondheeni found only in this atoll. Enjoy canoeing through the wetlands and mangroves while admiring the captivating wildlife. Discover the surrounding natural beauty at your own pace through cycling and create lasting memories.
Immerse in Maldives' Fascinating History
Gan Island, the first stop in Addu, holds significant historical stories beyond luxury. Once a British RAF base during World War II, it now showcases monuments and ruins of the British undertaking. Explore sites saturated with historical significance and unravel remarkable mysteries. It is a must-visit attraction for those seeking a journey through time.
Enchanting Underwater Encounters
Photo by: Equator Village
An itinerary in the south of the Maldives always must include a thrilling voyage into the underwater ecosystems of Addu Atoll. Thalassophiles can embark on a sunset cruise, and see dolphins jumping for attention against the backdrop of a setting sun. Diving and snorkelling enthusiasts will find Addu perfect, with its unique spots and diverse marine life, including numerous pelagic species. There is Addu Manta Point, a manta cleaning station some 20m underwater that hosts mantas almost year round. The British Loyalty Wreck, an oil tanker torpedoed in 1944, lies with its port side only 16m below the surface. Time has covered the sunken oil tanker in a lush blanket of soft corals, the perfect site to see nudibranchs, ghost pipefish, and even turtles.
Immerse in Local Traditions
Addu presents an array of authentic cuisine unique to the atoll, renowned across the Maldives. Addu Bondi, the speciality of the south, is a sinfully-sweet snack made from scraped coconut candied in dhiyaahakuru (coconut syrup), and wrapped in dried banana leaves. And while the meals by themselves are delightful enough, adding the local feasting traditions of Addu elevates the experience to another level. A local culinary tour, and partaking in the local customs and traditions by enjoying a delicious meal with a local family, will help you simultaneously explore the stories of South Maldivian food as you discover the tantalising flavours. In the evening, relish a private outdoor dining experience accompanied by a traditional cultural boduberu show.
Unwind in Addu's Serenity
Addu Atoll offers serene and uplifting experiences for all travellers. Indulge in spa wellness and reflexology sessions to feel at ease and rejuvenated. For a truly memorable time, enjoy a 'cinema under the stars' movie night with the sand beneath your feet and the starlit galaxy above—a luscious bespoke open-air cinema experience in Addu Atoll.
Whimsical Accommodations
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Addu Atoll, a remarkable blend of natural beauty and intriguing history, provides various accommodation options to suit different preferences. Choose from city hotels, guesthouses, and resorts, each offering distinct facilities for an enchanting stay.
Whether you are looking for a doze, dine and dive holiday or a bed, breakfast and bicycle riding holiday or a sun, sand and sea holiday or simply a laid-back holiday mingling with the friendly people of the island, Pebbles Inn is the perfect place to stay – a rare and exotic beauty overlooking the lagoon teaming with a kaleidoscope of colourful fish. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful island of Hithadhoo and located right along the seaside giving a breathtaking view of the magnificent sea, the 14 cosy rooms with spacious balconies enjoy fresh sea breeze from the azure blue Indian Ocean. Equipped with all the modern day necessities and amenities, Pebbles Inn ensures a comfortable and a memorable stay.
Photo by: Equator village
An hour’s scenic plane ride away, Equator Village, located on the upper tip of Addu Atoll’s heart shaped landmass comes in a package of unique beauty and intriguing history. Tree lined pathways through courtyard gardens lead to the quaint and chic bungalows, in the midst of tropical blooms, each with comfortable white wicker seating in spacious verandas. Only a few feet away from the rooms are soft sandy beaches and inviting turquoise waters that sparkle beyond the beaches. With the unique blend of beauty, rich history and endless possibilities for adventure, Equator Village is the ideal getaway for those who wish to experience a different side of the Maldives.
Grand Park Kodhipparu, a luxurious one-island-one resort destination in the *Maldives features a collection of 120 idyllic beach-front pool villas, breath-taking overwater villas and spacious two-bedroom villas. The resort is an oasis of luxury and tranquillity featuring open and breezy public spaces alongside modern interiors inspired by the Maldivian island, local traditions, and crafts. An unrivalled range of leisure facilities includes an overwater spa with seven treatment rooms, a fully equipped PADI dive facility, a recreation beach club, Little Explorers kids' club, three outstanding destination-dining offerings and an infinity pool.
*Grand Park Kodhipparu is located in North Male Atoll
Awe-Inspiring Addu
Photo by:Pebbles Inn
Addu Atoll is an extraordinary destination that captivates every traveller with its panoramic views and rich history, promising an unforgettable journey that will leave a lasting impression. Prepare for a timeless adventure at the heart of the South of Maldives!
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