Live Aboard a Liveaboard

Photo credit: Mohamed Masaau on Unsplash
Maldives is a popular year-round destination offering white sandy beaches, clear blue waters and great visibility underwater. While excursions can be had from almost anywhere in the island nation, Maldives is also known for its great assortment of liveaboards catering to all kinds of budgets for adventurers, divers, surfers, honeymooners, luxury seekers and more.
The liveaboards come in various shapes, sizes and standards. While some offer affordable options, others are accompanied by extravagant settings complete with spacious accommodation, vast sundecks, lavish buffets, fine dining with the finest wines, and luxury spa treatments.
A cruise on a liveaboard is an ideal way to explore the country; you are on the move throughout your holiday. It is much like a floating resort with different experiences onboard and offshore, offering you a glimpse of the colorful local life. 
Most routes are through the central atolls but several of them cruise through the southern and northern atolls as well. The standard tour is around a week but depending on your itinerary and requirements, and if you would like to take a more extensive route which covers more islands and atolls, it varies.
Some stopping points are great for island hopping, barbecues on the beach, snorkeling in the beautiful reefs and more. Visits to resorts can also be arranged and if you are looking for a romantic getaway, plan your trip around visiting an isolated sandbank, complete with the works. For photographers and videographers, this is also a good opportunity to whip out their cameras and take beautiful pictures.
Dive sites and surf breaks are numerous and for tourists who wish to get a taste of what they have to offer, liveaboards are ideal. Diving on a liveaboard is a top notch experience as most of the vessels are well equipped with high quality diving equipment and staffed with professional guides. The support dive vessels provide easy access to dive sites and snorkeling spots once your vessel anchors at various points along its route. This is exciting because it allows you to visit not only spots renowned for its colorful flora and fauna, but shipwrecks as well. It would certainly not be a surprise if you meet marine life such as turtles, manta rays and whale sharks along the way.
For the ones looking for a complete rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul, there are vessels offering spa treatments and wellness activities as well.  Indulge in daily spa treatments or take your mind off the mundane responsibilities of life as you lounge on a sundeck, sipping on a sunset cocktail or take out your yoga mats and enjoy a good session of stretching as the sun rises from the horizon.
In Maldives, there is something for everyone. Liveaboards are the pinnacle of combined concepts – guaranteed to give you a beautiful experience filled with memories to last a lifetime.
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