Take care of your wellness during the pandemic with these expert tips from Amilla Maldives

Amilla Fushi Maldives Resort and Residences may have temporarily paused operations due to the Covid-19 pandemic – but the Amilla Islanders are finding ways to continue sharing their wellness expertise with the world.
As a ‘conscious luxury’ resort with a strong emphasis upon wellness, Amilla Maldives has a host of health, dietary and lifestyle expertise which its guests adore. But since the Islanders can’t currently help guests improve their wellness, they decided to take the Amilla experience online. Today, more than ever, the importance of staying healthy and looking after one’s mental health is on everyone’s minds. So the Islanders would like to share some simple steps that everybody can take at home.

Get Enough Sleep

Try to get between seven to nine hours’ sleep per night. Getting adequate sleep is thought to lower your risk of obesity, cancer and heart disease – and to improve your immune system.

Quit Smoking

We know it’s hard to give up your habit, but evidence shows that smoking leads to much more serious outcomes if you catch Covid-19. Even if you quit today you’ll have a much better chance of making a good recovery, according to the research.


It may be hard – particularly if you don’t have a garden – but try to get a little exercise if you can. This could include a yoga session or guided workout video (like our free online weekly sessions). Exercise will help improve your mood and boost your immune system.

Eat Healthily and Add Superfoods

Fresh fruit and vegetables are packed with nutrients and vitamins that will help your body stave off infection (or help power it through fighting it off if you are already sick). There are also many superfoods that are particularly good for you including nuts, berries, salmon, broccoli and moringa. Eating well rather than snacking on junk food and refined sugars will also reduce your chances of putting on weight during quarantine.

Don’t Forget Probiotics

Amilla creates its own probiotics on the island for its guests but you can find them in many stores too. Natural probiotics are found in fermented foods including kimchi, kefir and miso. The live active cultures in probiotics help your digestive system and keep your gut healthy, which in turn helps your immunity.
Under the new management of Jason and Victoria Kruse, Amilla Fushi Maldives has expanded its wellness output with renewed vigour. The wellness overhaul includes building a totally new organic garden bursting with homegrown superfoods, creating probiotics, immunity-boosting juices and tonics on the island and creating a Wellness Your Way programme to integrate a host of special dietary and eating lifestyles dishes into the main menus. The latter includes a wide range of vegan, keto, paleo and low-lectin dishes. You can keep up to date on Amilla Wellness via YouTube, Instagram and the Amilla blog.
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