The Magic of Maldivian Hospitality

Scattered like pearls across the deep blue Indian ocean, the islands of Maldives are irresistible in every way. The Maldives is home to sandy white beaches, glistening waters, and a dizzying variety of marine life. Throughout the past 50 years, the natural beauty of the Maldives has positioned the destination as a dream for travellers across the world. However, beyond the breathtaking beauty, is another special element that makes Maldives a destination unlike any other. That is the unyielding Maldivian hospitality. A gem in its own right.
A history of kindness 
The secret of Maldives’ success in tourism lies in the communal spirit and hospitable nature of our community. Our geography is scattered, and we are surrounded by the majestic power of the ocean in every direction. For a long time, the Maldivian people understood that our survival on these miniscule islands in the vast ocean can only continue with a powerful community. One of the clearest examples is how the Maldivians treated castaways. We did not approach castaways with hostility or aggression. Instead, we gave them food, shelter, and most importantly, a role in the community. 
Carrying on the ancient traditions
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Today, Maldivian hospitality knows no limits. Travellers arriving in the Maldives are greeted with smiles at the airport. You may step foot on the resort with boduberu playing in the background, welcome drinks ready. Our warmth and friendliness is inherent in our culture, it is a central identity of who we are. Regardless of whether you stay in a resort, guesthouse, liveaboard, or hotel, you will have an experience of the unyielding Maldivian hospitality. 
An experience worth remembering 
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One of the best ways to experience the hospitality and way of life firsthand, is to stay in a guesthouse or hotel on a local island. Locals will invite you to their houses, to dine with them and share stories. Locals will encourage you to dance together to the hypnotic rhythms of boduberu music. Once you’ve left a local island. Chances are you would have swam together, fished together, dined together, and danced the night away under the equatorial night sky. 
The Maldives have also officially launched homestay tourism this year. This is the next step for travellers to completely immerse themselves in the heart of Maldivian culture. It is an opportunity for tourists to discover a way of life that is in tune with the gentle harmony of nature. It is, to put it simply, an experience of the Maldivian way of life.
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