The wedding photoshoot of your dreams in the Maldives

Symbolic destination weddings are all the hype right now. With covid restrictions, so many weddings over the last few years had to be held without the ceremony, photographs, or the joyous moments that a wedding is all about. So why not take this chance, hold a small but magical symbolic ‘destination wedding’ for family and close friends on this slice of paradise on the equator, complete with the photoshoot of your dreams? There’s no better place to celebrate your love than in one of the world’s most romantic destinations, the Maldives.
Maldivian resorts, hotels, guesthouses, liveaboards and event management companies working across the country offer packages and customised options for you to plan and create your perfect fairytale wedding photoshoot. Stunning backdrops, walkways, arches, whatever you need will be provided to your personal preferences. 
Here are few ideas to take it up a notch and make your wedding photoshoot extra special in the Maldives
1. By the beach - a classic
You search for destination wedding photoshoots and the top result would be of a couple celebrating their reunion on a beach somewhere. Our white sandy beaches, green palm trees, azure waters overlooking blue skies or golden sunsets are the perfect setting for any beach wedding. It could be a sunrise wedding, an afternoon affair or riding off into the sunset on liveaboard after the ceremony. It all depends on your choice and what you want. 
2. A picturesque pier overlooking the horizon 
It makes sense with all the wonderful options of pier restaurants and villas available for tourists to choose from in the islands of Maldives. For one thing, the pictures will be jaw-droppingly magnificent. And how many can boast that they had their wedding pictures in a restaurant or water villa set right above the ocean, overlooking the turquoise waters of the Maldives and the boundless horizon right above?
Photo: leefphotos
3. Intimate underwater restaurant shots
Now there are limited options for these, but the Maldives does boast an unexpected variety of choice for underwater restaurants and rooms! Check with your agent to give you options of Maldivian properties which offer guests these options and then with a little planning, you could just have your wedding underwater, but without the fuss of getting your gown and suit all wet. This setting is the something blue that your wedding needs!
4. It’s still a destination shoot even if it’s the middle of the ocean
To make your pictures extra special, the Maldives offers couples the opportunity to get their wedding pictures taken in the middle of the ocean. We are talking about symbolic exchanges of vows on board a liveaboard whilst anchored or cruising across our smooth seas of endless hues of blue! Isn’t this the perfect choice to make your special day wonderfully unique and extraordinary? We have numerous liveaboards offering such services. Find out the liveaboard options and contact them for details here.
Photo: phaisalphotos
5. An adventure to start the new adventure of your lives together 
The most special day of your life, and if you are a dive enthusiast, just imagine that underwater shoot! Isn’t that exhilarating and exciting? There are few resorts which offer this service in the Maldives, with specially trained staff providing you required training and accompanying you to complete your exciting wedding ceremony goals! It would be unique beyond words, you and your better half, exchanging your vows under the sea, surrounded by flora and fauna! Absolutely amazing, isn’t it? Find out more with your chosen property about the options.
We recommend a specially tailored wedding gown and suit for this, and an underwater cameraman, and viola, you have the most exciting wedding stories and mementos for the future to keep!
Photo: ishotmaldives
6. An intimate shoot on a sandbank, with a symbolic ceremony to boot! 
Weddings are intimate and personal, and perhaps one of the most important ceremonies in a couple’s life. So wouldn’t it make sense to make it as special as possible? And what better way than to have this re-enact your special ceremony than on a private sand bank? Resorts, hotels and some guesthouses in the Maldives provide customised packages and services for couples looking to have their symbolic wedding ceremony on these whitegold banks of sand, cut off from everyone else.
Photo: BarosMaldives
7. With a Maldivian touch
Wherever the location, every detail can be just as you want it to be. After snapping some gorgeous pictures in your wedding gown, try something uniquely Maldivian. Don some Maldivian attire (dhiguhedhun or Dhivehi libaas for the lady and mundu and white shirt for the gentleman) paired with a Maldivian musical procession of boduberu makes it rather unique and unlike any other ceremony you will ever see. It’s quite the experience and we are sure your facility can provide the details and assist you in making your Maldivian dream come true!
photo: meeruisland
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