Wellbeing Wonders in the Sunny Side of Life

Beneath the postcard-perfect exterior of the Maldives lies a secret that attracts millions of travellers seeking something beyond just sun, sea,  and sand. Our idyllic archipelago isn't just a destination for sun-soaked vacations; it's a sanctuary for the soul and a place where well-being takes centre stage. Join us as we uncover a few of the many well-being wonders we experienced during our networking trips amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Sunny Side of Life. 
Serene Mindfulness in Ozen Reserve Bolifushi
Nestled in the tropical landscape of OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI, ELE|NA stands as a sanctuary for well-being wonders in the Maldives. This haven of serenity invites you to embark on a transformative wellness journey, offering signature experiences that seamlessly blend luxury and nature. 
ELE|NA Spa boasts an array of signature wellness experiences, each carefully designed to harmonise with the five elements of nature – Water, Fire, Earth, Wood and Metal. It will fully elevate your senses as you infuse your luxury holiday with the holistic wellness programs available in the island. Immerse yourself in the embrace of premium ila spa products and Elemental Herbology, complemented by sustainable spa products sourced from homegrown ingredients in the Maldives. Enhance your pampering experience as you indulge in spa and wellness treatments guaranteed to ease your body and mind. 
The spa's commitment to well-being extends to guided meditation sessions, allowing you to find your Zen amidst the stunning backdrop of the Maldives. These personalised sessions guided by skillful instructors offer to promote your inner peace and physical wellness amidst the tranquil oasis of OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI. Enriching this experience, ELE|NA wellness workshops offer guests valuable insights into sustainable living practices, empowering them to carry the benefits of mindfulness and eco-consciousness beyond their stay at OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI.
OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI uses a farm-to-table approach, providing plant based menus focused on conscious nutrition. You can expect a variety of unique culinary delights, promising you a one-of-a-kind gastronomical experience. This will, no doubt, elevate your wellness journey on the island.  
Imagine exploring the islands’ tranquil surroundings, the perfect setting for you to reconnect with nature and find inner serenity. Taking a leisurely stroll around Bolifushi, the rhythmic sounds of the island becomes the ultimate backdrop for you to rejuvenate both your mind and spirit. 
The private overwater and beachfront villas in OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI can be your ideal companion for your well being journey. These exclusive abodes allow you to let go of your worries and be fully in the present moment, embracing the most soothing vistas of the crystal-clear horizons of the island. 
Embracing the Joy of Living in Joali Being
At JOALI BEING, the concept of the ‘Joy of Weightlessness’ is woven into every experience offered to the guests. The core philosophy of the island is based on the four pillars of wellbeing; Mind, Skin, Microbiome, & Energy. As you step onto the sun-kissed island of JOALI BEING, you’ll feel the burdens of your life fade away. The entry to the island, Gate of Zero, inspires you to let go and enjoy your inner peace throughout the journey. 
JOALI BEING focuses on an Earth-to-Table initiative that provides an array of delectable choices. Begin your day with a memorable and mindful culinary experience, carefully curated to fuel body, mind, and soul. 
Immerse yourself in the art of herbology, where you'll learn about the island's abundant herbs, its essential oils, and their healing properties. You can even participate in an engaging workshop at AKTAR to create your own signature perfume, guided by the island's herbal experts.
Take a leisurely stroll along The Sound Discovery path, a unique experience exclusive to JOALI BEING. As you walk through lush greenery, the sounds of nature and ambient music from different instruments surround you, promoting relaxation and connection with the environment.
Indulge in an all-encompassing wellbeing therapy session. AREKA at JOALI BEING offers a multitudinous programme where you can explore the perfect wellbeing-centred journey fit to your health and lifestyle. You can try a rejuvenating session in the overwater sauna, cool down in the Maldives’ first cryotherapy chamber or even experience the healing properties of halotherapy at the Salt Inhalation Room. 
Discover the joy of multi-generational play at B’Kidult in JOALI BEING, where purposeful and enjoyable activities bridge the gap between different age groups. These interactions are bound to offer you physical and mental health benefits. At B’Kidult, the invitation is simple: "Be a kid again!" They offer a range of meticulously designed experiences that contribute to your overall well-being. 
Personalised Pampering at JA Manafaru
At the heart of the tropical Maldives lies JA Manafaru, going beyond the conventional in offering you a unique castaway experience. The Calm Spa at JA Manafaru stands as a testament to this commitment. The spa transcends traditional offerings, using the healing powers of Mother Nature to provide an unparalleled holistic experience.
Calm Spa provides experienced and qualified therapists, offering well-being treatments tailored to your personal needs. They ensure to enhance your wellness and mind as you leave the spa feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The spa incorporates Eminence products, crafted by hand without harsh heating or hydrogenating processes. These products preserve the nutritional content of natural ingredients, capturing vitamins in a fresh, all-nature base. The regenerative and healing powers of seeds, pulps, and peels are harnessed for dramatic results. Additionally, they are committed to reducing the carbon footprint by planting a tree for each product sold. The certified organic farm follows nature's harmony, aligning with the seasons, earth, moon, and stars, providing unique products for a wellbeing experience.
Immerse yourself in the timeless healing traditions of the Maldives at Calm Spa. Dhivehi beys, authentic Maldivian medicine, enriched with the therapeutic wonders of Ayurveda and aromatherapy, create a unique and rejuvenating spa experience. 
You can explore a carefully curated selection of facials, massages, and body treatments, each designed to restore balance and promote well-being. The spa's commitment to holistic well-being ensures a transformative experience that lingers long after leaving this tropical sanctuary.
Enjoy your wellness journey fully by embracing JA Manafaru’s ‘Wellness Your Way’ program focused on providing you an exceptional dining experience. Their bespoke menus cater to your different dietary and eating preferences, ensuring there's something for everyone no matter what lifestyle or diet you follow.
Indulge in the unique wellness programs at the Alchemy Bar at JA Manafaru. Alchemy Bar serves as a centre where skilled therapists combine herbs, botanicals, and homegrown produce from their spa gardens, following the Maldivian herbal traditions. They incorporate these organic elements into scrubs, balms, soaps, and various beauty products. You can participate in various workshops and make your very own herbal remedies you can bring home. This hands-on experience will definitely enhance your wellness journey on the island and create a lasting sense of rejuvenation. 
Maldives is a sanctuary where well-being is seamlessly integrated into the natural beauty of the islands, providing holistic experiences. The tropical haven invites you to discover the unparalleled wellbeing wonders of the Maldives. Your wellness journey awaits in the Sunny Side of Life.
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