Travel Link Marketing Co Ltd, the PR representative for the Japanese Market for Maldives

Travel Link Marketing Co Ltd is the appointed PR representative for the Japanese market. They were appointed by Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) in order to promote Maldives as the most preferred island destination in the world and to establish a bigger outreach to the media with the latest destination news and information to the travel trade with the most updated travel guidelines.
Travel Link Marketing Japan office was established in February 2020 in Tokyo as a branch office of Travel Link China. MMPRC is the first account and has plans to expand in both outbound and inbound destination marketing services. Harue Nakagawa is the account manager for Maldives.  Before joining Travel Link network, she worked as the country manager for the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions for 30 years. Since launching the MMPRC representative office in Japan, the main focus was mainly on PR activities and establishing relationship building with both travel trade and media companies. The local travel trade and media welcomed the opening of the MMPRC office and they are eager to work together to further increase the number of Japanese arrivals in the Maldives as soon as they can start traveling freely again.
In an effort to inspire travelers from Japan to keep dreaming about the destination, MMPRC has carried out marketing activities such as JATA Online Travel Mart 2020. Further to this, JATA destination webinar series 2020 will happen on 16th December 2020.
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