Tread the soft white sands of the beach as you walk hand in hand, letting the gentle waves lap your feet. Feel the breeze on your face and immerse in the music made by the rustle of the palms. You leave footsteps behind, as you color the dreams of your life ahead. There is no better place for romance, where all the ingredients for love come together in perfect harmony, where you commit or recommit to each other to love and to cherish for the rest of your lives. 
No matter where you stay in the Maldives, there’s a sense of romance that you cannot evade. Love is in the air, wherever you are. No wonder the Maldives is one of the most desired honeymoon destinations for couples ready to tie the knot, across the world. A resort that’s dedicated to romance, a bungalow nestled in the lush vegetation, a villa over water looking out on the horizon, a wedding on the beach, a renewal of vows, it’s yours to choose. Whatever you choose, you will carry with you, boundless memories for the rest of your journey together.
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