The Maldives is 99% water and just one percent land. And as one might expect, the thrills of the Maldives lie on, under or over the surface of the water. Wherever you choose to holiday in the Maldives, there is watersports on offer. But be mindful that some resorts prefer to offer their guests complete tranquility without the sound of motorized engines that propel many a ride on the water. But even those resorts would offer relaxing canoe rides, wind surfing, snorkeling and diving.
If you are serious about the thrill, choose one of the resorts or a guesthouse on an island that offer them all. Bouncy banana rides with friends and family, a solo ride trimming the waves on a jet ski or skimming the lagoon at high speeds on a wakeboard, all of which would offer you that adrenaline rush that you seek to feel rejuvenated and at one with the elements. For the serious water sports enthusiast there is kite surfing, parasailing or just navigating solo around the reefs on a catamaran. 
There’s more of course. Dedicate your holiday to test the surf breaks that dot the atolls. Or if you take diving seriously you can plan your dive holiday with a range of dives with night dives and wreck dives that will sate your thirst for the underwater.
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