Sana Travel & Tours

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Sana Travel & Tours specializes in providing one-stop travel solutions for Maldives. We have selected a few but the best resorts and guest houses in Maldives. We can serve our clients' utmost services at the best price available.

Coral Ville C8-4-D, Nirolhu Magu, Hulhumale', Male' City

Seagull Group Pvt Ltd  Registered

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P.O box 2019, Chaandhanee magu, Male', Maldives

Secret Paradise Pvt Ltd  Registered

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Secret Paradise offers unique holiday experiences for all ages. We provide a range of tours and holidays to suit all budgets.

Secret Paradise Pvt Ltd,Commercial Unit B1-03, Huvandhuma Hingun ,Hulhumale', Republic of Maldives

Select Maldives Holidays  Registered

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ShiraYuri Travel & Tours  Registered

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ShiraYuri Travel & Tours was founded in April 2018 in the tropical paradise called the Maldives. Our aim is to provide quality service for our esteemed customers. We are offering a large variety of services that we will try our best to cater to your needs. Your satisfaction and safety are our utmost priority.

Our main focus is providing amazing packages and services to those who are seeking a getaway to one of the exotic islands in the Maldives. From honeymoon goers to family vacations, our excellent staff will customize travel packages that is tailored especially for you.

We believe establishing and maintaining solid relationships with our associates and our customers in order to provide the highest quality services. Your happiness matters to us! Choose ShiraYuri Travel & Tours and we will give you the dreamiest experience ever!

Silver Sands Pvt Ltd  Registered

Travel Agent

Founded in the year 2000, Silver Sands has a singular mission: To present the Maldives in a different light.

We have a team of professionals with over 50 years experience in the travel industry, making us the experts in creating the ultimate holiday in the Maldives. We take pride in providing our clienteles the highest level of personal service from start to finish. Guaranteed you will receive thorough and accurate advice regarding Maldives resorts as our dedicated travel team regularly visit our partner resorts.

Silver Sands Pvt Ltd,M. Chandhaneege, 2nd Floor,Alhivillaa Magu,Male', Republic of Maldives

Sojourn Maldives  Registered

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Ma. Azhar, Ground Floor, Chaandhanee Magu, K. Male, Republic of Maldives

Splendid Asia Pvt Ltd  Registered

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Splendid Asia Pvt Ltd, famous for its highly recognizable success in the tourism industry of Maldives, is a bench mark for many rising agents in the travel industry.

With a highly capable and energetic team, inclusive of an array of multiple skills and ineffable experience in the field, Splendid Asia has proven to be able to provide outstanding service to its guests from basic to the best imaginable customized luxury.

We are thrived to provide you with quality service, attention to detail promising you an unforgettable holiday of a lifetime..

Splendid Asia Pvt Ltd, G.Kasthoorige, 2nd Floor,Alikilegefaanu Magu,Male', Republic of Maldives