A fairytale wedding on the beach

Getting married is one of the most important events in a person’s life. It is an occasion to be remembered. A great way to make the occasion memorable is to have the affirmation of marriage and the wedding celebration in the Maldives. There are several resorts that have been licensed to perform “symbolic weddings”. Even a couple that has not undergone a civil ceremony can celebrate a symbolic marriage in Maldivian resorts. A symbolic wedding does not impose any legal obligations on each other as it is a ceremonial commitment by a couple to commemorate their romantic bond. The couple will be issued a symbolic wedding certificate. 
The ceremony can be performed in the language of the couple’s choice and can be held anywhere in the resort: on a resort’s sandbank, sailboat, jetty, or in a special pavilion erected on the beach. Some weddings have even been performed underwater. The occasion can be a fusion of local tradition with the couple dressed in Maldivian costumes with local Bodu Beru drummers providing the music, or it can follow a more conventional style. 
A Maldives wedding is not only an occasion for newlyweds. It can be a ‘renewal of vows’ or a “second wedding” perhaps on a wedding anniversary, as a means of expressing and confirming enduring love for your spouse. It’s a unique way for a happily married couple to celebrate the years together and have a memorable holiday together at the same time.
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