All things Maldives for your first trip!

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Planning your first trip to the Maldives? If so, you’re in the right place! From Visa requirements and travel guidelines, to booking your stay and connectivity, this is your one stop guide to all things Maldives!
Visa & covid guidelines
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First things first, Visa! We have only good news for tourists planning to come to the Maldives. On arrival VISA is available for all tourists from any country in the world. 
Next stop, post-covid requirements. Currently, all tourists have to present a negative PCR test for covid-19 on arrival in the Maldives. The test must be done 96 hours (at most) prior to the scheduled time of departure from the first port of embarkation on your journey to Maldives. Find out more about our latest covid safety guidelines here
Update: [  Effective from March 13th, 2022, PCR is not mandatory to enter the Maldives ]
Booking your stay
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Of course, before starting your dream holiday, you must choose where to stay! We offer budget to high-end accommodation options from luxury resorts, hotels and guesthouses, to an adventurous voyage on a liveaboard. 
There are hundreds of resorts, each developed on it’s own uninhabited islands under our unique ‘one island, one resort’ concept - the epitome of natural social distancing. We also offer numerous hotels and guesthouses in residential cities and islands for a holiday with a little more flavour and flexibility. 
Resorts offer the best in privacy and luxury: stays in beach or water villas, gourmet culinary delights and jaw-dropping horizons to lose yourself in. 
Boutique hotels in the cities allow you to have the luxury Maldives experience without going over your budget, with plenty of exhilarating activities. Why not seamlessly merge business and leisure?
Guest houses give you the opportunity to live with locals and experience Maldivian culture and traditions. Taste the local delicacies, dance to ancient rhythms, and go on a thrilling night fishing trip with master anglers. 
What if you don’t wanna stay in one place for too long? We also offer the exciting and totally secluded option of staying in the middle of the ocean on one of our many liveaboards. Find out more about our variety of accommodation options here
What to pack? 
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Make it worry free and pack light! The essentials for any trip to the Maldives include sun protection creams, sunglasses and flip flops, and the beachwear you have been dying to try! Maybe a sundress or two, that loud shirt that you can’t wear anywhere else and something nice for those special dinners? If you're looking to dive, surf or snorkel, remember to pack those rash guards too!  
Getting to the Maldives
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Getting to the Maldives is simple. There are many luxury and budget flight options, both scheduled and chartered. This includes the world’s top airlines, such as Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways and many more. Most flights operate to our main gateway, Velana International Airport (VIA), and direct flights are available from a variety of key airports worldwide. Check with your preferred airline to see the best deals. 
Ok, so that covers you getting to the Maldives, but as with any island nation you may wonder, how do I get to my resort or hotel?
By the time you arrive in the Maldives, the facility you had earlier chosen would have already arranged someone to welcome you at the airport and accompany you on the final leg of the journey. You’ve got two options: an enthralling speedboat ride where you can fully enjoy the salty tang of the cool Maldivian breeze, or a seaplane journey above the Maldivian seas, the best viewpoint to witness the garlands of the the Maldivian archipelago, scattered like jewels across the vast Indian ocean. Depending on where you’re going, you might even get a certificate for crossing the equator. How cool is that? 
Let the unforgettable experiences begin
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That’s just the start of your picturesque vacation. In the Maldives, you have the chance to finally dig your toes in the sand and reconnect with nature in a way that is all but lost in our contemporary world. The options are virtually endless: work on your tan by the white sandy beach or an infinity pool; go for a relaxing massage in an underwater spa; have a meal on a private sand bank; explore the depths of the ocean and dive with gentle giants; dance with locals under a blanket of glittering stars; or even switch your meetings from the boardroom to the beach! 
Whatever you do, whomever you travel with, Maldives will for sure tick off many items on your bucket list! 
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