Culture-rich Kaafu - Ancient Sites Teeming With Heritage and Stories Untold

Photo by: Taj Exotica Resort
Welcome to the enthralling Kaafu Atoll, one of the alluring regions handpicked for the sideline experiences in the course of the Visit Maldives Storytellers' Conference 2023. Kaafu, also known as Malé Atoll, is the administrative centre of the Maldives as it houses both the capital island and the main international airport. There are a wide variety of resorts dotting the area, and the largest number of residents and guest house accommodations can also be found here. As part of the exclusive conference, participants will have the opportunity to explore the cultural, political and social hub of the Maldives, teeming with ancient sites, museums, and the most diverse cuisine culture found in the nation.
Join us as we wander through the culturally abundant Kaafu Atoll and craft your own stories filled with meaningful moments and memories.
Immersive local treasures
For travellers teeling with wanderlust, one of the exceptional highlights of Kaafu Atoll are the private sandbanks where one can have their own private adventure. The exquisite destination assures multitudes of spectacular possibilities with sandbank excursions to appeal to every kind of traveller. Blessed with natural beauty, those seeking heavenly escapades can find themselves basking in the sun with the wonderful waves crashing which ensures the ideal setting for a secluded getaway. Indulge in a sandbank picnic, enjoy a delightful lunch, and become lost in a landscape that paints an everlasting picture for the memory banks.
Visitors can embark on local tours too, delving deep into the culture and traditions of the Maldives. They can engage in the mastery of handicrafts and souvenir creations, all designed from locally-sourced materials like coconut shells and recycled wood. Directly interacting with the locals allows visitors to witness the intricate crafting techniques that have been passed down from one generation to another in the islands. Learning more about the Maldivian authentic souvenirs that they are bringing home can create an unforgettable experience.  
Kaafu Atoll is ideal for every kind of holiday-maker, encompassing unspoiled natural habitats abound with unique flora and fauna. Conscious travellers value visits to the protected mangroves in the region. For instance, the Huraa Mangrove Nature Reserve housed in the North Male’ Atoll is a favoured site for nature enthusiasts, particularly bird watchers with its protected birds and other distinctive mangrove species.
Dive into the archives
Huraa, an inhabited island in Kaafu Atoll conveys an enticing ancient tale. It is said that ‘Huravee Day’, a day of celebration in the Maldives, pays tribute to the first Sultan in the Huraa dynasty, Sultan al-Ghazi al-Hassan Izzudin (Dhonbandaarain) who freed the Maldives from South Indian invaders. Visitors can go on a heritage tour of prominent sites such as the Dhonbandaara Miskiy, the preserved home of the revered figure.
To make your journey at Kaafu Atoll even more momentous, indulge in a Maldivian Malaafaiy dinner at the beach. A local feast will be presented to you to experience truly authentic Maldivian cuisine, complete with the presentation. While you are enjoying the local flavours, a traditional boduberu performance will keep you entertained, adding to the pleasant atmosphere.  
Embrace sustainability
Kaafu Atoll promotes conservation and sustainability, and offers opportunities for travellers to become involved. There are innovative programs such as ones where the visitors may adopt, name and plant corals in nurseries with the assistance of marine biologists. Visits may gain valuable insights and a chance to leave a deep-rooted legacy in the islands of Maldives.
In addition to such promising projects, travellers can also take part in other fantastic sustainability initiatives. Masters of marine sciences educate them about the secrets of the ocean in which they can learn more about the vital underwater ecosystems. Subsequently, it will engender changes in attitude in sustainability living and deeper appreciation for nature in its entirety.
Haven of serenity and wellness
Photo by: Taj Exotica Resort
Kaafu Atoll is not only a destination for cultural enthusiasts but also presents wonderful spa and wellness attractions for the visitors. The healing techniques revitalise the body and mind, making it a captivating and inspiring experience. Let the range of spa treatment activities and nature blissfulness rejuvenate your senses, leaving a lingering memory in your Maldivian story. Overlooking the blue hues of the ocean, the gentle touches and soothing sounds enrich your soul, helping revive that vital connection with your own being.
Gastronomic pleasures
Kaafu Atoll surprises you with iconic fine dining, especially at its bespoke Only BLU underwater restaurant at OBLU SELECT Lobigli. Modern cuisine and picturesque views of the ocean can account for a delightful meal experience. Anticipate the finest dining experience; enjoy dazzling multi-course masterpieces at a gem of location, all while gazing at the awe-inspiring marine kingdom swimming around you.
Luxurious stays await you
Photo by: Maagiri Hotel
Catering to the needs of every diverse traveller, Kaafu Atoll offers an array of luxurious and contemporary stay options. Extending from private pool villas, beachfront properties to overwater villas and penthouses, each accommodation is equipped with exceptional amenities. Visitors can choose from the numerous choices available and select based on their own preferences.
Nestled amongst coffee shops and a bar, around 15 minutes' walk to Kanifinolhu, Wish Guesthouse Huraa comprises 11 charming rooms. Wish Guesthouse features a terrace, restaurant, bar, and free WiFi throughout the property. The guest house has family rooms. The guest house offers certain units that feature a balcony and city view, and all rooms are fitted with a private bathroom and a wardrobe.
Photo by: Taj Exotica Resort
Escape the frenetic pace and chaos of everyday life, into luxury’s very own lap at Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives. A 5 star one-island-resort spread across the Emboodhu Finolhu island in the middle of one of the largest lagoons in Maldives. This postcard-perfect getaway offers 64 sea-view suites and villas in Maldives that are luxurious and lavish; yet maintain a fine balance with nature. At Taj Exotica Maldives, you are on Taj Time, where doing nothing is an art form. Time stands still—and yet there is never a dull moment.
Photo by: OBLU SELECT Lobigli
OBLU SELECT Lobigili is as enchanting as its sister property – OBLU SELECT at Sangeli. Lobigili is a contemporary 5-Star resort, exclusively for adults! In the Maldivian language of Dhivehi, ‘Loabi’ means love and ‘Gili’ means island. Lobigili is, in essence, the island of love. Romance permeates the air here! Idyllic tropical vistas complemented by nature-inspired designs create a secluded, castaway feel. THE LOBI PLAN™, Exclusive to OBLU SELECT Lobigili, is a fully encompassing holiday plan blending all the elements of an intimate, carefree holiday experience. A perfect getaway for two.
Elevate your experience at Kaafu
Photo by: Wish Hotel Huraa
Kaafu Atoll in the Maldives is an impeccable haven that intrigues travellers from all over the globe. From its ancient sites and cultural interactions to remote getaway options and tranquil unwinding options, the sublime region invites everyone for an unparalleled adventure. Let culture-rich Kaafu dazzle you, spoil you, and prepare to take scores of untold stories back home.  
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