Enjoyable Activities for Couples

There is nothing quite like spending your honeymoon or vacation with a significant other at what is deemed one of the most popular and romantic destinations in the world. Maldives is, inarguably, tailored to suit all your needs if you are looking to spend the day enjoying couples’ activities together.
Worry not, we have picked out a few of them just for you!
  1. Dining under the stars: On the beach or away from the resort on a beautiful sandbank, this is something many couples opt for.
  2. Moonlight cruise: As simple as it may sound, a moonlight cruise definitely ensembles romance and intimacy. You can do this right after a romantic dinner or if you want to explore the resort or island together, hand in hand.
  3. Canoeing for two: If you prefer something peaceful, wake up early and go for a canoe ride with your loved one as you watch the sunrise together. 
  4. Paddle-boarding for two: This may seem like a solo adventure but you can take your significant other with you. The best times of the day for this are during sunrise and sunset.
  5. Private yoga sessions for two: Enjoy an early morning session of yoga in the comfort of your own strip of beach, or far away from the humdrums of the resort life, with your significant other.
  6. Couples’ spa treatments: Break away from the mundane routines or take a break after an exhilarating day together, as you slunk into a couples massage. Many resorts offer couples spa treatments with different packages to suit your moods and needs. This is the perfect activity for a much needed unwinding session. Spas in Maldives offer excellent service and you and your partner may want to make it a regular thing once you get a dose of it.
  7. Lazy afternoon lounging by the pool: Get your tans on by lazing on a chair by the poolside after a dip. If you have a private pool, even better!
  8. Diving: Being in love is all about collecting special memories together and what better way than to go exploring the beautiful underwater beauty of Maldives? Designated photographers can make this experience even more wonderful by capturing moments of you, underwater. If you are looking for something unique, try diving with manta rays and whale sharks!
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