Inspire Your Instagram Followers with these Must-Have Shots from the Maldives

Photo Credit: raffrafey
In the Maldives, we are blessed with picture perfect palm trees, white sandy beaches, and skies which put on jaw-dropping displays anytime of the day. There are golden sunrises, afternoons filled with clear blue skies, cotton candy sunsets and night skies adorned with billions of stars. All in all, it’s a veritable heaven for those seeking to take some pictures for the ‘gram. Here is a list of the must take digital mementos from your vacation in the Maldives, to add to your Instagram feed.  
1.  Window aerials
When your flight’s descending to the airport in the Maldives, be sure to look out your window. The view is breathtaking and a must add to your instagram feed. There is also the chance of getting a window shot during your transfer to the resort or island via seaplane. 
Photo Credit: mohamed.anoofx
2.  Bicycling on the jetty
Nothing says vacation in the Maldives like a picture of you cycling on a jetty, wearing a sundress or a really loud shirt, big hat and glasses. It could be the main jetty to the island or the jetty connecting the over-water villas. Go ahead, take the picture and post it already!
Photo Credit: theblondeflamingo
3.  The hammock  
Now, I’m quite sure you have seen these popping on your feeds. And, believe us, it would be a crime not to take this picture while you are here. Look at these beautiful shots, no further convincing needed! Don’t forget your sunscreen.
4.  Floating breakfast
It’s not everyday you get to have breakfast served to you on a floating tray, in a pool, overlooking the horizon where the sky meets the ocean in too many shades of blue to count. Click away so your followers can marvel at it too!
Photo Credit: sunsiyamiruveli, milaidhoo
5.  Bioluminescence
Count yourself lucky if you get to experience this. This seasonal marine magic show features curious and completely harmless algae called phytoplankton, which blanket Maldivian beaches like a starry sky. If you get to experience this magical event, taking and posting pictures is the natural thing to do!
Photo Credit: leina.sevele
 6.  Ocean, ocean and more ocean
The Maldives is 1 per cent land and 99 per cent ocean, so it’s almost an insult not to take and post pictures of you swimming, paddling on a surfboard or canoe, jet skiing, flyboarding, snorkelling or diving with the marine life surrounded by the multicoloured underwater flora and fauna of our crystal-clear waters. In fact, make a gallery out of it, because these sights are just incomparable to any other.
7.  Infinity Pool
Those shots you see of couples, sunkissed with a drink in hand, in a pool overlooking the horizon over sunrise or sunset, is all the hype. It’s a must have for your feed, so it would be a crime to miss this picture.
Photo Credit: jeremyaustiin
8.  The swing
Swings have been popping up everywhere, at the beach, by the trees, even right in the middle of the sea. And the types differ too. There are traditional Maldivian swings, ones with visit signages or the modern rustic ones perfect for a couples shoot. If you see one, make sure to take a picture for the ‘gram.
Photo Credit: fromtinyisles
9.  Sandbank picnic
You can’t find sandbanks like these anywhere else in the world. It’s a tiny private island just for you and your loved ones. Get those picnic vibes in with the tents, picnic spread and strike a pose. Now post on your story/feed and watch how everyone goes crazy. If you are lucky, you may even spot a pod of dolphins dancing in the horizon
Photo: seefromthesky
10. The beach
I mean, this one’s a given. You cannot visit the Maldives and not take a picture like this. And, if you’re a couple, this could be the perfect setting for a proposal or wedding shoot? Or just a shot to show-off and model in your swimwear or sundress? It’s guaranteed to gain you many likes and insta-envy from your followers.
Photo Credit: babytraven
11. The postcard perfect palm trees
I mean, the palm trees and pictures of you surrounded by the green foliage would be difficult to miss in the Maldives. Plus, an island vacation would be incomplete without a picture like this. Go ahead, post and see how much people love these!
These are just a few ideas to fill up your feed with perfect vacation pictures. But rest assured there are numerous ways to create gorgeous digital keepsakes to remember your vacation in the Sunny Side of Life.
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