Souvenir Shopping Spree - Maldivian Brands & Unique Products Edition!

You’re vacationing in the World’s Leading Destination, the Maldives, aka the Sunny Side of Life and the trip is about to come to an end. Of course, you probably already filled your camera and phone with all the digital mementoes you need. But don’t forget, there are so many other souvenirs you can take back from the Maldives as a keepsake for yourself or as gifts for your loved ones. The best thing is, there are many local brands, which offer excellent collections of gorgeous products inspired by our gorgeous isles.
Photo by Seeaesthete
So, let us be your shopping guide and personal assistant! You may not be able to take the palm trees and beach with you, but we have some super aesthetic souvenirs that we came across during our window-shopping extravaganza!
Reminisce about the fresh Maldivian air 
Photo by Vilunu
That tropical island warmth, the sunny weather, and tangy scents are therapeutic, to say the least. Reminisce about your Maldives vacation even after returning home by taking one of the Tangerine and Guava Leaf Reed Diffuser by Vilunu to use at home. Check out their page for a range of products including candles, room sprays, reed diffusers, and even hand creams! 
We also think the ISLANDS candle by Island Apothecary, with notes of citrus and jasmine, is worth putting into your window shopping cart. They vouch that the scent of this candle will transport your senses back to the beach!
Photo by Ogaa
If you like soaps and such items, especially ones which smell and are great for your skin, try getting your hands on the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic Miracle Moringa soap by Ogaa. They have a wide variety of plastic-free soaps, shampoos, deodorants and other items to choose from!  
Remember that sweet manta ray you met in the Maldives? 
Photo by Oevaali Art Shop
Swimming with mantas is one of the most sought-after experiences for tourists visiting the Maldives. We’re home to the world’s largest manta aggregation ground, as well as many manta-inspired products created by local brands. One of the most beautiful ones we came across is the Manta Ray Pendant by Oevaali Art Shop boasting a variety of colours to choose from. Check out their online website for many other products from beach towels, notebooks, keychains, pens, card holders and more.
Take some Sunny Side back to your home 
Photo by Mula
Sunny Side of Life is all about the sun, sand and sea! And what are the essentials for a beach destination? Sunscreen and beach towels! Our local brand, Mula’s got you covered (literally) on the sun protection front with their SPF 50 Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion UVA/UVB Protection
Photo by Wear Toddy
Next, we have the partner in crime for your tanning sessions, the beach towel! Get the most gorgeous Thundu Kunaa Original - Beach Towel by Wear Toddy and have a part of one of our traditional art-inspired items in your bag, ready to be used during any beach vacation, or just lay it out on the grass and let your imagination take you back. 
Go nuts for Organic Coconut Products 
Photo by Kihaa Faseyha
People go nuts over our organic coconut products such as the Kihaa Faseyha Coconut Cooking Oil 500ml and KURI Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The former is specifically for cooking and the latter to use on your hair or body to get that smooth, shiny, healthy look.
Speaking of coconuts, local brand Thakethi makes these really cute trinkets which can be used as keychains. One item from their collection that caught our eye is the Raa Bandhi Charm. The design for this is inspired by Bandhi, which is a Maldivian tool used to collect toddy from palm trees, created from coconut shells and wood. 
Take the Maldives with you back to work! 
Photo By Shore
Another item which we believe is a great souvenir is the shells lanyard by Shore by nunna. It would obviously be the envy of all your colleagues when you return to work wearing your office card on this beautiful lanyard. Maybe take one for your work besty(ies)? 
We also really loved the small trays hand-crafted by Craft Studio. Their trinket dish small round trays come in various colours and are perfect for keeping loose change, keys, or even paperclips. 
Tropical vibes to complete your closet
Ok, now for the main course of shopping! Let’s talk about clothing and accessories. We’ve got local brands which are internationally recognised like Raidha’s Maldives, curating breathtakingly beautiful, tropical-inspired clothing lines. These have already taken centre stage in many international fashions shows in Asia and the Middle East. Their Paradise Found collection is especially gorgeous and includes an array of bright prints and vacation-style sarongs, sun dresses, kaftans, and more. They’ve got clothing for both ladies and gents covered. 
Photo by Island Bazaar
While we are on the topic, we also love the Riyalu Dhoni T-shirt [Noo] by Island bazaar. Riyalu Dhoni literally translates to sailboat in the Maldivian language. They’ve got a variety of colours and sizes of this, as well as many other designs of pouch bags, hats and other items.
For the Epicureans 
Ok, so let’s go back to the basics of souvenir shopping. Chocolates! Of course, it's a top fav choice to buy for friends and family while you travel, because who doesn’t like chocolates as a gift? We absolutely insist that you try getting your hands on these Mango Milk Chocolate Bars from Island Chocolate. It's not a conventional flavour, you won't know if you like it until you try it! Other flavour options you can try from this brand include cinnamon green tea. 
Photo by Aru Arshy
Speaking of edible souvenirs, why not try the tiny Luikana Bajiya? It's a savoury, spicy snack which many enjoy! Want to enjoy this with a hot cuppa tea? Try getting the Bliss Flavoured Loose Tea Leaf by Island Blends to give that a Maldivian vibe too. 
And there you have it, our window-shopping list for you to pick and choose from as you please. There are hundreds of local brands which you can buy if you visit the capital and visit the stores. If you can’t, you can contact the pages on the above links and have it delivered to your accommodation. We are sure the staff would be willing to help you make your orders. Or you may get lucky and end up in a resort with stores filled with all kinds of lovely authentic local products. Fingers crossed and happy shopping! 
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