Spectacular Dining Experiences for Couples

Pristine white beaches, crystal clear waters and a sense of romance are the lucky charms which naturally catapult the Maldives to the top of most people's holiday destination list. In recent times, the Maldives has also become a hotspot for gastronomers and couples alike, boasting some of the world's best restaurants and unforgettable dining experiences. From dining below the surface of the sea to dramatic mid-ocean feasts on floating platforms to romantic dinners under the cosmos on secluded sandbanks, there are numerous options - all paired with impeccable service.
These dining experiences are perfect for couples who share a love for food - whether it is to celebrate a special occasion, surprise your significant other or merely enjoy each other's company in the presence of excellent food.
  1. Underwater Restaurants: Dining under the water is a rising trend in Maldives that enables people to enjoy an excellent meal surrounded by spectacular views, simultaneously. Luxury underwater restaurants offer some of the most exceptional and unique dining experiences the world has to offer, and Maldives has a handful of them in store for you. This is a must for making your honeymoon or romantic getaway an affair to remember.
  2. Sandbank Dinners: Dining on a sandbank under the stars sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you are seeking the ultimate escape with your loved one, this is it. Check with the resort you are staying at and see if they have this on offer - it takes just a few minutes to travel by speedboat, and you can make it just in time for that magnificent sunset.
  3. Private Destination Dinners: Apart from hosting some of the best restaurants on shore, some resorts also offer couples the opportunity for a private getaway to a nearby sandbank or island, where you can enjoy great food served by your own private chef.
  4. Floating Platform Dinners: For couples looking to take a break from the resort life but not looking to go further, a private dinner under the stars while sipping champagne on a private floating platform seems ideal. Many resorts have these unique decks whether you want to occupy it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  5. Floating Breakfasts: Are you and your significant other more of breakfast people? Have you ever wanted to start your day in style and indulge in a fantastic breakfast spread while lounging in the comfort of your own pool? Well, this is also something you can do while you enjoy your stay in Maldives! 
  6. Gourmet Picnics: Whether couples want a picnic by the beach or in seclusion on a sandbank, it is something you can enjoy, complete with lanterns, candles, sandy seats and of course, delicious bite-sized food or even a meal if you prefer it.
These are just some of the dining experiences couples can experience in Maldives; there is so much more to choose from. Make your tropical holiday one to remember! 
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