Surfer’s haven: Your Dream Spots for all Surfing Abilities

Credits: Ayada
The idyllic islands of Maldives with its perfect surf conditions makes it the ideal destination for surf enthusiasts. The spots of north, south and central atolls of Maldives are highly popular with beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers.
Here’s our surf spot highlights up close for you to enjoy the perfect long waves during your thrilling getaway to the Maldives! 
Surf’s up in the North of Maldives!
For beginner surfers
1. Ninjas
A break that is ideal for surfers of all abilities including beginners. It offers slow and mellow right-handed waves with swell size smaller than other hotspots, making this the best surfing destination for beginners.
Credits: buddyyphoto
2. Sultans
Famous for its mellow waves, Sultans offers right-handed waves with easy take-off and a wrapping section at the end. It is a great place for beginners when the swell size is smal
Credits: mvhhiiii 
3. Honkys
One of main Northern surfing spots, Honkys offers left-handed waves with a mellow take-off. Beginners can enjoy this fun surfing spot, best on a low tide. 
For intermediate surfers
1. Chickens
This left-hander is best suited for intermediate to advanced skilled surfers. It has two sections in which the last section of the wave provides great opportunities to get barrelled. 
Credits: @fracco23
2. Cokes
Another one of the world class surf spots in the Maldives, Cokes is best suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers. It provides large right-handed waves with hollow and barreling sections. 
Credits: @buddyyphoto
For advanced surfers
1. Lohis
One of North Malé atoll’s best surf spots for its consistency. It offers left-handed waves with two sections and when the swell is big enough, advanced surfers can experience the longest barrelling wave ever ridden. 
Credits: @addhu_maldives
2. Pasta point
A renowned surf spot in North Malé atoll that offers wonderful left-handed waves, perfect for experienced surfers. It also provides the most consistent waves in the Maldives. 
Credits: @pastapointmaldives
3. Jailbreaks
The fastest wave in the Maldives, this surf hotspot offers right-handed waves with three distinct sections. It is most suitable for advanced skilled surfers where they can enjoy long and fast barrelled waves. 
Credits: @surf.the.sky
The surf’s pumping in the South of Maldives!
For beginner surfers
1. Antiques
A smaller and friendlier right-hander that has less swells but equally consistent with other surf spots and is perfect for beginner surfers. 
Credits: @surfatoll
2. Two ways
This surf spot offers both right-hand and left-handed waves. The waves tend to peel slowly in the deep water, making it suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers as well. 
Credits: @surfatoll
For intermediate skilled surfers
1. Twin peaks
One of the best waves in the South Malé atoll, as the name suggests, this surf spot breaks in two directions. It also picks up more swell than other breaks, making it suitable for immediate surfers. 
Credits: @surfatoll
2. Riptides
A speedy break with right-handed waves. It offers intermediate to experienced surfing conditions due to the strong currents.
Credits: @surfatoll
For advanced surfers
1. Gurus
A popular surf hotspot that offers fast left-handed waves, often recommended for advanced, skilled surfers. It also has a wonderful wall offering the chance to pull off some splendid aerials. 
Credits: @surfatoll
2. Natives
A break on the Eastern reef of South Malé Atoll, it offers fast and hollow right-handed waves with many barrelled sections. The wave size extends up to 5ft and makes it suitable for experienced surfers. 
Credits: @surfatoll
Catch some waves in the Central Maldives!
For beginners
1. Mulhaku
A surfing spot that is perfect for novice surfers. It offers two-way waves in which the right-handed waves hold bigger swells. It is quite easy to ride even when the wave size is big.  
2. Veivah
A nice left-hand point break in the Central Maldives that is popular among beginners. The waves have an easy take-off and long wall, producing extremely long rides. 
For intermediate skilled surfers
1. Inside Mikado
It offers good right-handed waves but can be inconsistent during low tides. It is suitable for beginners and intermediate skilled surfers.
Credits: @surfatoll
2. Muli inside
A surf break that is recommended for intermediate surfers. It offers fast right-handed waves with long, hollow and barrelling walls. As it is shallow, it would need bigger swells to work with but provides a safe ending for the surfers. 
Credits: @surfatoll
3. Muli outside
It offers right handed waves with more swells and long walls. This surf spot is also best suited for intermediate skilled surfers. 
Credits: @surfatoll
For advanced surfers
1. Ying Yang
A popular hotspot in Laamu in Central Maldives, offers the most consistent waves with thick barrels and it can get quite aggressive as it progresses. This right-hander surf spot is perfect for advanced surfers.  
Credits: @surfatoll
2. Refugee's Right
It offers right-handed waves over an extremely shallow and uneven reef. It is most suitable for advanced surfers due to the intense waves. 
Credits: @surfatoll
3. Refugee's Left
A left-hander that offers some heavy waves that often close too quickly, making this surf spot applicable for advanced skilled surfers. 
Credits: @surfatoll
4. Outside Mikado 
The most consistent surf break in the Thaa Atoll, offering right-handed waves with fast and hollow walls. They are one of the most powerful waves in the Maldives which is best enjoyed by advanced surfers. 
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