The Hypnotizing Rhythms of Boduberu

credit:Cyphwaheed via ig
Imagine the softness of the sand beneath your feet and the faint sound of waves washing ashore in the distance. You are immersed in the rhythmic beat of drums. The tempo of the ancient percussion rises. You can’t help but dance. The energy is unparalleled, as it reaches a crescendo of frenzy and dance. The music takes over. And in a fraction of a moment, you connect with the spirit of Maldivian music. 
‘Boduberu’ is an ancient art of the Maldivian people. 
‘Boduberu’ is a Dhivehi word translating literally to big (bodu) drums (beru). The shell of the drum is commonly made of coconut wood, and goatskin is used for the drum heads, to produce crisp and deep resonating sounds. The crispness of a tightly tuned boduberu pierces through the air whilst the deep earthly bass sends vibrations across the island. 
Boduberu music is commonly performed by around 20 people including three drummers and a lead singer. Boduberu starts with a slow and meditative beat, steadily increasing in tempo as the night progresses.
The repetitive rhythm drags the audience in, and before one realizes, the boundary between performer and audience dissolves. A rising tempo catapults the energy into a hyperactive frenzy. The meditative rhythm rises in tempo as it transforms into an upbeat, tumultuous beat.
The instrument plays a vital role in Maldivian culture and heritage. Magic of boduberu music lies in its ability to bring the community together and dance together under the night sky. The empowering rhythms and the dance serves as a bridge between the Maldivian people and our unique culture. Boduberu is an important item of entertainment at stage shows, special occasions, celebrations, and festivals. 
Immerse yourself in Boduberu Music 
We invite travelers to take part in a Boduberu session. Words cannot describe the immense energy of the art.
There are a variety of ways in which travelers can experience boduberu in Maldives. Almost all tourist establishments in the Maldives provide guests with the opportunity to experience the tradition of boduberu music. In fact, it is common to see new arrivals to resorts being welcomed with the joyous rhythm of drums. Resorts, guesthouses, liveaboards, and hotels  also have programs where you can learn the basic beats and play the drum yourself. And without question, resorts conduct jaw-dropping performances with the drum, driving the guests into a frenzy of ecstatic joy and dance. 
Undoubtedly, travelers can experience the most authentic performances in the local islands. From chic boutique rooms to minimalist humble lodgings, the guesthouse industry in Maldives welcomes travelers from all backgrounds. Dance together with the locals as you immerse yourself in authentic boduberu music. Arrive during  Eid al-Adha for a festival unlike any other, and you are sure to find yourself dancing to boduberu music during the Eid festivities.
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