Visit Maldives for unlimited fun under the sun for the little ones!

A lot goes into planning a family vacation, especially if you’re travelling with kids. There is so much to consider, and you want to make sure it’s a destination inclusive for adults and kids alike, with activities and experiences that you could have together and separately. For children, repetitive ordinary activities won’t do the trick, so why not an island destination like the Maldives, where they get to broaden their imagination with all thing’s nature and fun under the sun.
Family friendly stay options with butler and nanny services
We’ve got many award-winning family-oriented resorts to choose from, offering villas, mansions, and bungalows with separate rooms for kids. These usually come equipped with all necessary services including a butler, so you don’t have to worry about planning meals and extracurricular activities. Simply inform the butler of dietary restrictions, playtime, naptime, and other activities your little ones would enjoy if you want to take a day of relaxing in the balmy salty breeze without interruptions. 
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If you have a date night planned, and are maybe worried about the kids waking up or wrecking havoc while you are away at the restaurant, that’s not a problem. You can communicate with your butler to assign a nanny to watch over the kids while you are away, so you can enjoy your date night dinner and dancing without any anxiety, stress or worries. 
Award winning kids clubs with exciting itineraries for the little ones
There would be days where you may want to do some activities without the kids, such as get a spa treatment or go for a dive. In these situations, you can choose to leave the kid’s at designated Kids’ Clubs in the resorts. These clubs come equipped with trained professionals who will adore and pamper the kids with fun games, activities, toys, and an overall extremely enjoyable, indulgent experience for your children. 
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A stay in a kids club means they will get to enjoy kid’s pool activities, summer games, outdoor adventures, slides and swings at parks, or in-door activities like colouring, karaoke, competitions and many more. Meaning, while parents are enjoying it, the kids are too, and the whole family can enjoy a guilt-free vacation because you all deserve it. 
Unlimited fun under the sun!
There are countless beach activities for families to enjoy together here in the Sunny Side of Life. It could be something as simple as playing ball on the white sandy beach, building sandcastles, teaching your kids how to swim in the pristine aqua waters of our shallow lagoons, paddleboarding or riding a catamaran on calm waters. 
As for excursion activities, family resorts offer guided snorkelling sessions, where the kids get to see the multicoloured aquatic fishes, turtles, manta rays and so many other species of marine animals. You can also choose to take a dolphin cruise with your kids, which often becomes highlights for the children, who fascinatingly retell these stories to friends and family when they get back home.
Eco-conservative, learning experiences for the little ones! 
Some of our family oriented resorts also offer activities aligned towards sustainability and eco-conservation, to give your kids learning activities they won't get anywhere else in the world. This includes theory classes, practical classes and activities allowing kids to have experiences they’ll remember for a lifetime.
In these programs, kids are educated about the different types of pelagic sea creatures, including turtles, mantas, sharks, and whale sharks, in a fun and mentally stimulating environment for maximum efficacy. They are taught of the animals which need our protection due to the possibility of going extinct and the ways in which we can help to conserve their natural habitats such as coral reefs. The children are also taught the dangers of plastic pollution and how we can help curb its harmful effects on marine and land creatures alike. Kids get to be involved in coral reef conservation activities, planting coral reefs on seabeds with the help of trained professionals. There are also turtle conservation hubs in some resorts where kids can go and help to take care of an injured sea turtle or even witness the release of the hatchlings to the wild - a clear favourite among children. 
A vacation in the Maldives is a way to bond with the family and create fond, core and everlasting memories for yourself and your kids. An island vacation provides kids a whole new world, one where they get to leave the urban life, all its noise, pollutants and concrete behind, and reconnect with nature and the purer joys of life outside of screens. 
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