Watersports: A holiday full of thrill and action

With crystal clear waters, expansive reefs and shallow lagoons around the islands, the Maldives is ideal for a vast variety of water sports for beginners and the more advanced alike. A host of fun watersports activities are on offer wherever you are in the Maldives. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the waters, there’s something for everyone.
Fun in the sun with a splash; take on banana boat riding for the thrill with friends and family. If you are seeking a more relaxed ride, paddling around the island in a canoe on a lazy afternoon is probably the ideal choice.
Find peace windsurfing across the lagoon, feel the wind in your hair and spray on your face as you skim across the waves. Resort watersports centers offer a variety of boards for beginners and advanced windsurfers. Learn to sail with the professionals, many watersports centers offer courses in windsurfing and sailing.
Wakeboarding and kite surfing offer a greater adrenaline rush as you cut through the water, trying out various maneuvers and turns over the shimmering waters of the lagoon. For the seriously adventurous there’s jet skiing and for the daring there’s flyboarding, a thrill-seeker’s dream.
Parasailing offers a calmer, smoother ride, yet offers the thrill of being suspended in the air, gliding gently over the islands and the reefs, giving you a unique bird’s eye view and a sense of calm and peace way above the goings-on in the world.
Fishing may sound quite ordinary, but in the Maldives, it is more than just fishing. Night fishing and big game fishing are on offer in many of the resorts and guesthouse islands. And if you are serious about fishing try out a local fishing vessel to experience close up, the pole and line fishing that Maldives is so famous for.
Maldives is well established in the surfing circuit. With an average water temperature of around 28-degree Celsius, conditions are good throughout the surfing season from mid-February to November. While several surf points are accessible from resorts, the best way to surf the Maldives is on a liveaboard, which could take you to several atolls during your holiday.
In the Maldives, your holiday is what you want it to be. there’s an abundance of activities for everyone, yet you can choose to lounge on the beach absorbing the sun and the fresh air and bask in the sound of the waves that lap the shore.
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