Your Own Robinson-Crusoe Experience in the Maldives

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Did you ever read Robinson Crusoe as a child and wonder if you could survive on a deserted island all by yourself? Just you against the elements? 
You can live out your childhood dreams in the Maldives! And unlike Robinson Crusoe, you don’t have to worry about cannibals, captives, or mutineers. 
Resorts, guesthouses, hotels, and liveaboards in the Maldives offer day trips to private sandbanks and uninhabited islands. With powdery sandy white beaches and incredibly pristine lagoons, the sandbanks of the Maldives are tiny oases in the vast endless sea. However, a ‘Robinson Crusoe’ at a sandbank is not for the faint of heart. There is often no escape from the heat, and the shifting tides and currents can drastically change the formation of the sandbank throughout the day. You might be better off on an uninhabited island. 
In fact, there are more uninhabited islands in the Maldives than there are inhabited ones. Uninhabited islands are the closest one can get to ‘truly untouched’ natural environments in the Maldives. Discover the palm frilled islands full of mystery, intrigue, and excitement. 
So let’s pack up, brush up on your survival skills, and embark on your own ‘Robinson Crusoe’ experience.
Getting There: 
The Maldives is unique for its ability to curate ‘bespoke’ experiences for guests. Every day is an adventure in the Maldives, and that is a statement we do not take lightly. Several of the resorts and local islands neighbour uninhabited islands and sandbanks, so you need not travel far. 
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Your property will drop you off at the sandbank or uninhabited island and either stay close by, or will come and pick you up later the next day. The property will give you a phone that you can use anytime to pick you up or call for an emergency.
Packing List: 
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Your resort or guest house will make sure you have everything you need. However, if you would like to DIY, don’t worry. We’ve got an essential packing list for you. 
  • Lightweight and breezy tent (+ a Tarp) 
  • Make sure you remember tent stakes designed for sand
  • Resources to make a fire (wood, matches, lighter, etc) 
  • Swimsuits (as many as you need) 
  • Sunscreen, hats, shade 
  • Dry clothes (more than you think) 
  • Lanterns, lamps, torches, headlights, and all the lights you can find
  • Snorkel gear, fins, floaties and life-jacket
  • The best insurance you can afford 
And the list goes on. Sure, it’s a bit more luxurious than Robinson Crusoe, but it’s all to keep you safe! 
Not so DIY: 
Alternatively, you can opt for a more easy-peasy approach. 
  • Sail to Loabi Fushi sandbank with Sun Siyam Resorts for a romantic and easier desert island experience. Beers, soft drinks, juice, sandwiches, fruit satay and water are provided!
Photo by Finolhu
  • Gaze upon the endless starry night in a beach bubble tent nestled away in your private sandbank with Finolhu 
Photo by Kihaa Maldives
  • Can’t choose between a desert island or a sandbank? Combine both of them in a thrilling jet-ski adventure with Kihaa Maldives
Photo by Coco Collection
  • BBQ under the stars, a rustic hut with all the modern comforts, and nothing but the sound of waves washing ashore sounds fun? Spend the day at Emudhoo Private Island with Coco Palm Dhuni kolhu  
  • Go Maldives-style glamping overnight with Omadhoo Inn for an unforgettable night under the stars
Photo by Globetrender
  • Camp under the stars in your private sandbank in a luxury bedouin-style tent followed by a candlelit dinner with Soneva Fushi
Phenomenal - Whichever Way You Choose 
Whether you choose to set up camp, collect your own firewood, and BBQ your own catch of the day. Or opt for a luxurious and elegant castaway experience with your property- the vistas, serenity, and sense of solitude and peace are all the same. Far away from the troubles of life, the Maldives offers unparalleled joy, serenity, and adventure. 
Tune in with the rhythms and currents of Mother Earth in the Maldives. Whichever way you please.
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