Canareef Resort Maldives Triumphs at Hotel Asia Culinary Challenge 2024

We're thrilled to share some exciting news from the 18th Hotel Asia Exhibition &  International Culinary Challenge Maldives 2024! For the first time ever, Canareef Resort  Maldives participated in this prestigious event, marking a significant milestone for our  resort and the culinary scene in Addu Atoll. 
Our talented culinary team showcased their skill and dedication, bringing home an  impressive array of accolades. Against stiff competition, they clinched a total of 5  medals and received several outstanding certificates, cementing Canareef's reputation  for culinary excellence. 
Medal Winners: 
�� Fruit & Vegetable Carving: Ashan Chamika - Gold Medal 
�� Hot Cooking - Seafood: Ishara Silva - Gold Medal 
�� Maldivian Dish: Lakshitha Maduranga - Bronze Medal 
�� Artistic Showpiece: Ashan Chamika - Bronze Medal 
�� Hot Cooking Lamb: Ishara Silva - Bronze Medal
These remarkable achievements underscore the dedication and passion of our culinary  team. Their innovative techniques and creativity have not only brought glory to  Canareef but also showcased the rich culinary heritage of the Maldives on a global  stage. 
In addition to the medals, our team also received several certificates, further validating  their outstanding performance. We couldn't be prouder of their accomplishments and  the recognition they've brought to our resort. 
As we celebrate this momentous occasion, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to  every member of Team Canareef. Your hard work, talent, and unwavering commitment  have truly set a new standard of excellence in the culinary world. 
Indulge in delectable cuisine at our two restaurants, enjoy personalized in-villa dining  experiences, and explore 25 unique dive spots teeming with marine life. From historical  sites to protected areas, Canareef offers a diverse range of activities to cater to every  traveler’s preferences. 
Join us in celebrating our team's remarkable achievements and experience the  excellence of Canareef Resort Maldives.
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