Celebrities and influencers have taken over Maldivian shores through Project FOMO

Together with Supply Maldives, Resort Life Travel has taken the initiative to organize a viral marketing campaign under the name “Project FOMO.” A project of this magnitude to market Maldives has not taken place in history yet. The premise of this is to remind the world of the dream destination and to revive the tourism sector of Maldives amidst the losses suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Under this campaign, famous celebrities, models, influencers, producers and others in the cinematic universe from across the world will be visiting the sandy shores of Maldives. The travel agency will bring in handpicked influencers of various professions, personalities and audiences, including American, British and Indian influencers. All of them have something different to offer and an estimated amount of 500 million people will be reached collectively via their social media accounts.
According to the Chief Marketing Officer of Resort Life Travel, Mr. Raaidh Shaaz Waleed, the project has been underway since December 2019 and the aim is to make the destination go viral in a creative and cost-effective manner, which contributes to a higher reach of audiences and potential travelers. A lot of research took place before the initiation and based on the current statistics, he stated that the project is a huge success, with over 100K followers within a week of creating a social media account specifically for this purpose. Additionally, there have been over 50,000 views and 2,000 comments on the photos.
He also stated that a lot of importance is given to increasing tourist arrivals from the US market, to make it the top source market in Maldives. Several American models and influencers are visiting during the campaign period and Raaidh believes that it opens up a bigger window of opportunity to build the destination through a proper audience. 
Search engine Google's statistics for the year 2019 show that Maldives is the most searched holiday destination amongst the people of the United States. According to Google's “Year in Search 2019” list, Maldives was googled the most, following the phrase “trip to”, on the search engine.
British model Demi Rose and American fitness model Ana Cheri paid recent visits under this project to Heritance Aarah and Coco Palm Dhunikolhu, respectively. A single post by Demi Rose led to her stay in Maldives being extensively covered in the British press, providing great promotion. Moreover, Ana Cheri captioned on her Instagram how Maldives is one of the safest destinations to visit and had described the destination as paradise with its customer service simply unbelievable.
Through Project FOMO, the agency also hopes to provide various benefits to different sectors in the Maldives including education, business, as well as the creative industry. As per the agency, a lot of celebrities and personalities of high status in various parts of the US have their eyes on this campaign, including famous YouTubers and billionaires who have expressed an interest in visiting Maldives at the earliest.
Resort Life Travel is keen on continuing their efforts to promote the tourism industry and Maldives through fruitful collaborations and similar exciting projects, even in the future.
Project FOMO is endorsed by the tourism promotion board of Maldives, Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) and is being carried out with a huge support from resorts, other partners and the Tourism Minister himself, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom, who has voiced his support towards it.
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