Plastic is the cancer of the earth, and being in the Maldives, we witness the immediate effects of plastic through the degradation of our oceans and our marine life on a daily basis. This has made us extremely determined to combat this detrimental, global issue by implementing strict policies to make sure we do not contribute to the degradation of our planet.

The ‘Waste Management’ policy will focus on efficient and eco-friendly ways to manage the waste on the island. Glass, plastics, cardboard, wood and wet waste such as food, flowers and other decomposable waste will all be separated and disposed of in their assigned bins.

The ‘0 single-use plastic’ policy aims to completely ban single-use plastics on the island. From plastic bags, plastic straws, cling film and bin bags… Fushifaru will be banning all of these items and will use greener, eco-friendly alternatives.

We strongly believe that these policies will make a difference and bring Fushifaru closer to its goal of being a plastic-free resort!

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