At Fushifaru Maldives, caring for the wellbeing of the beautiful oceans of Maldives is just one of their green initiatives. Thus, they have implemented a coral planting program where broken pieces of coral are restored by attaching them onto frames. These are then allowed to blossom and create new homes for the diverse marine life in Fushifaru lagoon.
A month ago, Fushifaru started building an immense coral frame in the shape of a manta and today, the frame is filled with rocks, coral and most importantly, lots of marine life. This is an incredible feat to witness. Members of the staff were involved in sourcing the rocks, finding broken pieces of corals and attaching them carefully onto the frame, so that the corals are given a chance to regrow on the frame and regain, their otherwise lost, life.
This exciting project has made a lot of progress as well as a positive impact on the environment. However, with ocean temperatures rising in Maldives, many corals die and are bleached as a result of the warmness of the water. Through replanting broken corals, Fushifaru Maldives hopes to strengthen the corals in their lagoon by giving them an opportunity to live. Their belief is that there is no time to waste on helping to save the coral reefs, in order to restore the ocean’s health and contribute to the wellbeing of the planet. This is just one of the many “Going Green” projects they are currently working on.
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