Nova Maldives crafts new wellness rituals inspired by Traditional Maldivian Medicine

Nova Maldives launches a selection of unique spa treatments based on the sacred wisdom of Traditional Maldivian Medicine. The distinctive healing rituals invite guests to form a connection with nature and enhance their body and soul's well-being.
Traditional medicine, or "Dhivehi Beys", is integral to the Maldivian heritage. Over the centuries, Maldivian healers acquired medical knowledge from travellers who passed through the remote island country and adapted them using locally available and imported products. Dhivehi Beys are characterised by Arab, Persian, Indian, Chinese and even ancient Greek medicinal traditions, and carries with them the secrets about the benefits of natural cycles of nature, its environment, as well as the healing and nourishing effects of the diverse flora and fauna in the nation.
The Drift Away Treatment helps balance the emotional state of mind, while also reviving the physical energy Centering around detoxifying the body and improving the blood flow.
Inviting guests on a 90-minute journey of rejuvenation and healing, the treatment starts with a cleansing foot ritual. It is then followed by a short meditation and a full body massage focusing on the back. Will skilled expertise, Nova's spa therapists will perform a combination of strokes and classical movements, relieving stress and sending the body into an immediate slumber with a noni leaves mask used for their backs. The evergreen leaves of the noni tree, also known as Indian Mulberry, are famous for their various healing properties.
They have been used to tend to arthritis, abdominal swelling, headache, skin problems, and rheumatism. Guests are assured to feel like they are floating while getting spoiled from head to toe in the breathtaking Eskape spa suit.
The Maldivian Serenity Treatment, centered around coconut oil and the Dhiggaa plant, is rich in vitamin E and nourishes the skin. Starting the treatment with a cleansing foot ritual, two therapists will work on the guest synchronically to transport them to a realm of harmony and relaxation. The guests will breathe in the scent of coconut oil as their scalp is massaged. The benefits of the Dhiggaa plant, also known as sea hibiscus, extend to relieving stomach pain, fractured bones and sprained muscles, gonorrhea, and fever. At the same time, the coconut oil used in the treatment works as an anti-wrinkle and antioxidant. With a trunk roller massage relaxing their muscles, releasing the tension of knots, and detoxifying their skin, guests will get a fully immersive experience that will put both their body and mind in a complete state of serenity.
Nova's signature Tropical Body Polish Treatment allows guests to immerse themselves in deep relaxation. The journey will begin with steam melting the stress away as guests' skin is cleansed and polished with a purifying scrub of coconut and morning glory leaves. This delicate flower that blooms in shades of blue, pink and purple, possesses impressive healing abilities. It is a blood purifier and an antioxidant that calms nerves, treats insect bites, reduces swelling and helps relieve joint pain. This remarkable flower also helps smoothen the skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and scars. Nova's signature scrub is used to remove dead skin cells and encourage new cells' regeneration, leaving a smooth and responsive canvas ready to absorb the deeply nourishing coconut body oil. Treating the skin to an ultimate level of softness, the journey continues with a facial massage to balance the mood and to let go of all worldly cares. It concludes with a relaxing cranial head sacral therapy that relaxes guests' bodies and renews their souls.
Perched overwater against the dream-like backdrop of azure blue of Nova's lagoon, Eskape spa features three blissful treatment rooms. A Thai Sala, a relaxation room and a yoga pavilion, takes guests to a world of wellness experiences designed to reconnect and awaken their senses.
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