Villa Hotels & Resorts is launching a safety programme, in a bid to prepare for a possible reopening of the Maldives borders to visitors in the third quarter of the year.
The CleanStay@Villa initiative will be built on Villa Hotels existing high standards, and follow the guidance of their in-house doctors as well as World Health Organisation and the national Health Protection Agency (HPA).
The initiative will undergo regular reviews based on evolving industry standards and feedback from the group’s travel partners and guests.
“The health and safety of our guests have always been our priority. We have continuously maintained an excellent standard of hygiene in all our resorts,” a statement read.
“Given the impact of Covid-19, we have upgraded our standards to ensure the health and safety of guests throughout their experience in our resorts. When the Maldives re-opens for tourism, Villa Resorts will be providing guests with a renewed assurance of cleanliness and safety.”
The CleanStay@Villa initiative will implement SOPs for end-to-end hygiene checks from arrival and transfer to stay and departure. It will include, but will not be limited to, SOPs in the following:
  1. Disinfect all exposed surfaces on lounges and transport facilities for arrival and departure
  2. Check and log temperature of all guests and staff on arrival and departing
  3. Identify high touch areas in guest villas and modify cleaning protocols to ensure that such areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
  4. Implement new staff hygiene standards, with mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  5. Apply stringent disinfecting measures for F&B, spa, sports and recreation facilities
  6. Recommend social distancing between guests and staff
  7. Implement continuous staff training in hygiene and cleanliness standards and protocols
  8. Ensure resorts’ medical clinics are housed with doctors and required facilities
  9. Use hospital-grade disinfectants in cleaning protocols
  10. In case of need, provide isolation rooms at each resort
In March, Villa Hotels suspended the operations of its resorts due to travel restrictions stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. The suspension will likely remain in place until the end of June.
As one of the leading hospitality companies in the Maldives, Villa Hotels owns and operates five resorts: Paradise Island Resort and Spa, Royal Island Resort and Spa, Holiday Island Resort and Spa, Sun Island Resort and Spa, and Fun Island Resort and Spa.
The company also has several subsidiaries, including award-winning wellness brand Araamu Spa and dive centre DiveOceanus.
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