Visit Maldives Launches a Joint Marketing Campaign with ‘Manta Reisen’ targeting the Swiss Market

Visit Maldives launches a joint marketing campaign with ‘Manta Reisen’ targeting the Swiss Market. The campaign aims to maintain and raise awareness of the brand destination as one of the most desired and safe destinations for travellers.
The campaign combines business-oriented and consumer-oriented components in line with the strategies for the Swiss market. During the campaign, online advertisements regarding the campaign and destination will be published on the website of Travel News. Manta Reisen has arranged two 45-minute webinars for the travel agents conducted in German and French. The purpose of the webinars is to give the travel agents in the Swiss Market a better understanding of the destination.
During the webinars held as part of the campaign, Visit Maldives will promote the properties of Maldives (resorts, guesthouse, liveaboards, hotels) and the experiences unique to the Maldives Islands. In addition, the safety provided by the unique geography of scattered islands and the one-island-one-resort concept will also be highlighted during the webinars.
In addition to the webinars, the campaign will also produce content to be advertised on the Travel News website in German for a duration of one month.
The campaign ‘I’m Vaccinated’ which started in early February led to over 80% of the tourism sector workers being fully vaccinated. The main aim of the vaccination campaign is to ease the travellers mind and to become the first tourist destination with a fully vaccinated workforce.
‘Manta Reisen’ is one of the leading travel agencies in Switzerland. With over 40 years of experience, the agency has partnered with Visit Maldives in order to maintain the brand presence in the Swiss Market.
Switzerland ranks as the 14th biggest market shareholder with over 11،375 arrivals as of July 2021. To cater to growing arrivals, Edelweiss Airlines has extended their direct flights from Zurich to Maldives till October 2021, flying as frequently as 2-3 times weekly. Due to direct flight connectivity and ease of travel restrictions, there is hope that the arrival figure from Switzerland will increase within the next few months.
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