Equator Village

Addu City, Gan

Equator Village Maldives located on Gan island (a former British RAF base) is the southernmost atoll of Addu, one of the most interestingly formed and historically rich atolls in Maldives. It is renowned for the sightings of manta rays all year round and unparalleled dive sites such as British Loyalty, the largest dive wreck in the Maldives.

Equator Village has been refurbished recently, keeping its chic and European elegance. Surrounded by lush greenery and flower gardens, this boutique hotel features one of the biggest swimming pools in the Maldives, fully equipped fitness center, a meeting hall ideal for banquet and other functions, dive center, water sports center and a spa. The best part of choosing Equator Village is having the opportunity to enjoy both local and resort life. Complimentary bicycles are offered to explore the island, which is home to picturesque wetlands and mangroves.

Equator Village is ideal for those looking for a relaxing vacation or an adventurous getaway, beyond white sandy beaches and beautiful lagoons.

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