A Perfect Girls Trip to the Sunny Side of Life

For a Journey You Will Never Forget 
Planning your dream getaway with the girls? Be it a birthday, a hen party, or just a long weekend away from the hustle and bustle of life with your beloved girlfriends, choose the Sunny Side of Life for the ultimate trip bursting at the seams with oodles of joy, pampering sessions, and endless fun! Celebrate the bonds of sisterhood this Women's Day by embarking on a journey honouring the strength, resilience, and achievements of all the women you know.
Sunny days, island time, and tropical vibes; what more could your friend group need? The Maldives offers the perfect setting for your ideal escape that will complement the deep bonds of female friendships. Whether you feel like indulging in luxurious spa treatments, exploring the vibrant underwater world, or simply lounging on pristine beaches, the Maldives has you covered. So pack your essentials, grab your besties, and get ready for the trip of a lifetime.
Day 1 
Tropical serenity above the island gems
The unforgettable moments begin as soon as you and your girls land in the Maldives. A breathtaking seaplane ride the likes you have never experienced before awaits to take you to your selected property. This is a quintessential part of the Sunny Side of Life experience, a journey unlike any other over crystal-clear waters and scattered gem-like islands and atolls of the Maldives. With panoramic views of the stunning archipelago below, you can engage in delightful conversations with your girl group, snap all the pictures you want, and savour the anticipation of the unforgettable adventures awaiting you on this idyllic getaway.
Treat you and your besties to pure pampering 
First, how about a pampering experience to melt away the jet lag? 
Watch all your worries fade away as symphonies of peace and tranquillity envelop you in a Maldivian spa. Treat yourselves to a luxurious spa day where relaxation and well-being are elevated amidst the surroundings of the serene island and the turquoise waves. Indulge in rejuvenating massages, invigorating facials, and full-body pampering treatments where you and your friends can unwind to start your getaway in style. 
Beachside bliss
In the evening, why not try something new? Learn the art of crafting signature cocktails using tropical fruits and local flavours under the guidance of expert mixologists in the Maldives. Whether you prefer refreshing mojitos or exotic piña coladas with fresh Maldivian coconut, this interactive experience will ignite your creativity and your palate, ensuring a lively evening filled with laughter and delicious drinks.
Afterwards, head to the beach as the warm hues of the sunset paints the horizon. Sink your toes into the powder-soft sand and soak up the breathtaking moment on the pristine beaches of the Sunny Side of Life. Sipping on your favourite drinks, you and your girlfriends can relax in secluded luxury, basking in the warmth of the sunset, creating cherished memories of your girls' getaway to the Maldives.
“This was a fantastic girls trip - one we will always remember!” - Cathy 
Day 2 
Sunrise serenity
As a new day unfolds, take a sunrise walk along the tranquil shores, accompanied by your closest girlfriends. With the breathtaking hues of the dawn painting the sky, take a stroll with your coffee or tea in hand, with the soft embrace of the morning breeze and the gentle lull of the waves as your guide.  Sip  your cuppa on the beach, maybe have some croissants or pastries, and indulge in sharing laughter and heartfelt conversations as the first rays of the sun brightens the Maldivian horizon. 
Immerse in local culture
Visiting a local island during your girls trip to the Maldives will no doubt give you glimpses of the rich culture of our beautiful destination, the warm hospitality of the Maldivians and be filled with the same amount of fun! During your journey, venture through the lush forests teeming with tropical flora and fauna, where secret trails lead to breathtaking viewpoints and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. 
In order to immerse yourself in the vibrant flavours and culinary traditions of the Maldives, enjoy a hands-on cooking class alongside your girlfriends. Get yourselves invited to a local home and learn the secrets of Maldivian cuisine, preparing traditional dishes using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Engage in the rich stories of culture, history, and hospitality with the friendly locals. You and your friends can enjoy a delicious feast in a convivial atmosphere filled with laughter and friendship. 
Reconnect with nature and each other
For a truly unforgettable experience, kayak through serene mangroves of the Maldives, marvelling at the intricate ecosystem and lushness of mother nature. You and your girlfriends can explore the Maldives at your leisure, finding solace in the natural splendour of the Sunny Side of Life. 
Indulge in a picturesque picnic on the pristine shores of the Maldives. Spread out a blanket under the shade of swaying palms and savour a delectable spread of local delicacies, paired with refreshing tropical drinks and sparkling conversation with your besties. As you bask in the warmth of the sun and the gentle sea breeze, you'll cherish this tranquil moment of togetherness in the stunning tranquil setting of Maldives.
Luxury afloat
As the golden hour graces your perfect girls trip in the Maldives, why not enjoy a luxurious sunset cruise aboard a private yacht. Sailing across the serene waters, you and your girlfriends will be treated to panoramic views of the Maldives with the vibrant hues of the sunset transitioning every moment, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Lounge on the deck with a glass of your favourite drink in hand which will definitely be a moment promising pure bliss. 
“This trip was honestly one of the most special I have ever been on. I haven’t ever experienced beauty like it, or luxury like it.” - Lindsey
Day 3 
Underwater wonders of the Maldives 
A dive into the mesmerising underwater world of the Maldives is a must during every trip! Prepare to be amazed by the kaleidoscope of colours and marine life that await beneath the surface as you and your friends glide effortlessly over vibrant coral reefs home to the cute tropical fishes, the graceful manta rays, and the majestic sea turtles. And if you don’t feel like diving, not to worry! There are diverse house reefs at every island for you to snorkel and discover the awe-inspiring beauty of the enthralling Maldivian waters.
Adrenaline-fueled adventures with your besties
If you and your friends are up for a bit of an adventure, dive straight into an exhilarating surfing experience in the Maldives. Explore the crystal-clear waters and world-class breaks of the Maldives offering endless opportunities for excitement and adventure. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you catch your first wave and experience the sheer joy of gliding across the ocean surface, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the Maldives. Surfing in the Maldives is a thrilling experience you and your friends will never forget.
“You won’t regret it and you will have the best time! The Maldives is everything you have dreamed of and more! Absolute magic!” - Kelsea 
Day 4 
Savour every moment
On your last day of your girls trip in the Maldives, make it unforgettable by visiting a pristine sandbank, a secluded oasis surrounded by crystal waters of the Sunny Side of Life. Lounge on beach towels or under the shade of the palm trees, sipping on refreshing coconuts and relishing the tranquillity of this hidden gem. Whether you're snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters, enjoying a little picnic on the beach, or simply basking in the serenity, a visit to a sandbank is the perfect choice for your tropical girls getaway.
As night falls, elevate your dining experience with a private dinner on a secluded island under the twinkling stars. Indulge in a sumptuous feast of fresh seafood, grilled specialties, and tantalising desserts, surrounded by the beauty of nature. With lanterns casting a soft glow and the sound of the waves lapping at the shore, you and your girlfriends can savour every moment of this magical evening, reflecting on the memories made and friendships strengthened during your unforgettable journey in the Maldives.
Endless memories waiting for you
Your perfect girls trip to the Maldives will always remind you of the warmth of the sunny moments shared with your closest friends, the tranquillity of the island gems, and the thrill of the Maldives that will last a lifetime. Why not plan and book your next getaway with the girls to the Sunny Side of Life.
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