Cute Date Ideas In The Maldives That Won’t Break The Bank

Scattered like jewels across the Indian Ocean, the Maldives effortlessly blends romance, fun, and thrills. Love is about just being together, tapping into self-joy, and making special memories together. Let’s get creative today and explore some unique and cute date ideas for the romantic side of life. 
1. Explore the Starry Night With Your Loved One by Your Side 
The Maldives is the most dispersed country in the world. Large stretches of ocean separates the islands from each other. The seclusion comes with its very own perks, such as the joy of exploring the vast expanse of lustrous stars on a blanket of deep midnight blue. With minimal light pollution, the night sky gleams, glistens, and glitters endlessly in the Maldives. 
Photo by Lifeofislander
Get a beach mat, pack up some of your favourite snacks (we suggest adding in some special Maldivian goodies to your picnic basket), and if you’re feeling extra, bring some candles to a secluded area of the beach. Sit down on the beach and let your eyes adjust to the glorious night sky. Cuddle up and try finding the constellations, catch shooting stars, and in usual stargazing fashion, stir up a conversation about our place in the universe. 
While you can stargaze in the Maldives year around, the likelihood of experiencing the clearest skies are between November and April. Several resorts in the Maldives also offer stargazing experiences with powerful telescopes and cocktails. How’s that for a cute date idea?
2. Cooking is so much cuter together! 
Photo by Six Senses Laamu
The Maldives is home to some of the most meeru (delicious in the local language) dishes ever! If you’ve had mashuni and roshi paired with black tea for breakfast, you’ll never want to start your morning with something else. The Maldives has an ancient and vibrant culinary scene. But don’t let us spoil it all for you! 
Why not take a cooking class with your loved one? You’ll have a unique experience together, and both of you can impress each other back home with some tropical Maldivian dishes. Your taste buds (and your loved ones) will thank you for it! 
After all, cooking is so much cuter together! 
3. A Walk in the Maldivian Woods, Hand in Hand
Photo by Kuramathi
A mindful forest walk, hand in hand, is an intimate and special way to connect with each other, yourself, and with the natural environment around you. 
A meditative walk in nature is healing. It frees us from the burdens of everyday life, and lets us take part in the grand orchestra of Earth. It gives time for one to reflect on the sacredness of love and brings one into the present moment. Too often, the distractions and noise of life keep us away from the present moment. When both of you actively try to step into the present moment together, something truly special manifests. Try it? 
4. All You Need is Love (And Snorkels and a Pair of Fins) 
The Maldives is 99% ocean and 1% land. There is an immense amount of beauty down in the depths, waiting to be explored. We’ve got sunken shipwrecks and treasures, majestic manta rays, charming sea turtles, mysteries, and so much more. 
Pick up a snorkel, a pair of fins, and explore the underwater beauties with your loved one.
Let a whole new world open up: the multicoloured fish and corals is unlike anything you’ve ever seen above the surface of the water. Swim side by side and take in the beauty of the underwater world (and each other). Couples who explore together stay together! 
5. You, Me, and Our Very Own Uninhabited Island
Photo by Fushifaru 
Embarking on an adventure to an uninhabited island with your loved one is an experience of a lifetime. This would also be an ideal location to try that forest walk we mentioned earlier. 
Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, lush tropical vegetation, and best of all, absolutely no one around to bother you. Secluded, serene, and seductive, uninhabited island adventures are the most romantic getaways! 
So pack up, brush up on your survival skills, and learn how you can have your very own Robinson-Crusoe adventure in the Maldives.
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