For Pluviophiles and the Love of Petrichor

The likelihood of it being rainy in the Sunny Side of Life aka the Maldives is rare, but not impossible, as we do have two distinct seasons. Our dry season (the northeast monsoon) is from December-April and the wet season (or the southwest monsoon) runs from May-November. Temperature varies very little during these two seasons and even if it rains, it doesn’t for long and the downpour is not that heavy, leaving you with a sense of lightness, freshness and new beginnings. 
While the seasonal rain may interrupt your otherwise sunny itinerary, rainy days are also something to look forward to in the Maldives. We have chosen 11 exciting ideas, especially for pluviophiles and lovers of petrichor, on how to make the most of a rainy day in the Maldives. 
1. Tropical island rain hits differently, go on, soak yourself!
When was the last time you soaked yourself in the rain? The warm tropical weather of the Maldives means that even when it gets cold, it's still actually kinda warm, and that’s the best kind of weather to enjoy a good soak in the rain! The beauty of rain in the Maldives is that there are minimum impurities in the rain we get, pure fresh water straight from the heavens! 
2. Dip in the warm ocean while it’s raining!
You heard that right, it is warm in the ocean when it rains. If you’ve never tried this, now is your chance! Believe us, it's worth the experience! It can be quite relaxing to take a dip, swim or soak yourself while it drizzles on you from above, like a warm jacuzzi. 
3. A hearty meal to warm your soul
Our resorts, hotels, guesthouses and liveaboards are renowned for their world-class gastronomy options and everyone knows that warm food is the best way to enjoy cold weather! A hearty, meaty soup while you watch the rain pouring outside, sounds good, eh? Why not try the local delicacy, garudhiya, for an extra warming meal. 
4. A rainy spa day is a treat for your senses
Now this one’s a favourite. A spa treatment is relaxing as it is, coupling it with rain means you are in for a real treat! The sound of the rain outside with the warmth and scents of aromatherapy oils will make you feel like you’ve been reborn.   
5. Get your chakras in line while nature washes away the earth
Rain naturally makes us lazy, and this is the way to balance that lazy weather. You can either do this by yourself or join a class available in most properties. Sign up  to align your soul and body, and cleanse your mind while nature does its wonder-cleaning session outside!
6. Draw a warm, bubbly bath and relax!
Most of the baths in resorts have an ocean or beach view. Make the most of this, draw a warm bath, add some salts or essential oils to awaken your senses, soak and relax while you enjoy the view of rain on the sand. 
7. Perfect the art of doing nothing.... with a warm drink of course!
Enjoy the small things in life like slowly sipping on a warm drink and perfecting the art of doing nothing, or even reading a book! Rainy weather is perfect to indulge in slow-paced activities like this. Sit down with a hot cuppa joe, tea or a delectable hot chocolate. Maybe visit the bar and get a warm tropical drink, we suggest hot toddy! 
8. A buggy ride to immerse yourself in petrichor!
The tropical islands of Maldives are filled with trees, so when it rains, there is this wonderful, fresh, earthy smell that feels like it’s cleaning out your very lungs. A buggy ride around the island is the perfect way to enjoy the petrichor, especially if you don’t want to get drenched. It's sort of the best of both worlds kind of situation. 
9. Cuddle weather!
We are renowned for being one of the most romantic destinations, and sweater-weather days here in our tropical islands give you the perfect opportunity to snuggle and get comfy indoors with your lover. Order some room service, snuggle up in front of a window and watch nature’s dance from the comfort of your SO’s arms.
10. A rainy-day photoshoot?
The Maldives is deemed one of the most Instagram-worthy destinations on earth. The natural beauty of our islands and the surrounding environment are backdrops that need no decoration. Having a collection of rainy-day pictures makes your feed more diverse and we have an excess of ways to take these pictures. Think submerged in a bubbly bath, window overlooking the overcast sky, or better yet, getting drenched amongst lush greenery, you get the idea!
11. Watch liquid diamonds fall into the ocean, from underneath
There are few places on earth you would get to experience this magical moment. Believe us when we say, the view of rain pattering into the ocean from this vantage point is amazing. It's almost as though a shower of tiny diamonds are falling into the ocean. The Maldives offers several underwater restaurants, spas and even rooms from which you can witness this extraordinary occurrence. 
These are just a few ideas that we have but do discuss with your selected properties because many of them have experienced professionals who can come up with a rainy-day itinerary that suits your mood! 
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