Making Waves in the Sunny Side!

Kyllian Guerin’s surf adventures in the Maldives
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In the heart of the Indian Ocean lies a tropical gem that has captured the imagination of surfers worldwide – the Maldives. With warm waters, idyllic scenery, and perfect swells, the Sunny Side of Life is the go-to destination for wave enthusiasts seeking the ultimate surf experience. Join us as we delve into the journey of Kyllian Guerin, a rising surf star from France, who embarked on a one-week adventure to explore the unrivalled waves of the Maldives.
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Kyllian Guerin is no stranger to the charm of the Sunny Side of Life. His connection with the Maldives runs deep- this is his fourth time visiting our enchanting archipelago. From the southern reaches to the northern atolls, Kyllian has explored the diverse surfing opportunities that the Maldives offers. On this particular trip, he was surfing the best spots during his stays at Ayada Maldives, Adaaran Hudhuranfushi and Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives. All three resorts have easy access to some of the best surf sites and breaks in the Sunny Side of Life.  
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"I was one of the first people to come to Maldives after the borders reopened. I have been to the south of Maldives too, near F1 (not the car race – it's a surf spot also known as Muli Inside!). It's very wild and not many surfers," he reflected. Kyllian breaks down the distinctions between surfing in the north and south of Maldives easily and casually. “South – less peeps, cooler spots, and insane potential. North – consistent, easier to access, but a bit busier. Both have killer waves – it's a win-win.” The north, including the North Malé Atoll, offers consistent swells and convenient accessibility due to its proximity to the capital and major resorts. Meanwhile, the south, notably Huvadhoo Atoll, offers an off-the-beaten-path experience with fewer crowds and cooler waves that surfers will find irresistible. 
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As a seasoned surfer, Kyllian also noted the differences between surfing in his home base of France and the Maldives. While France boasts remarkable waves, the allure of the Maldives lies in its tropical atmosphere that encourages long days of surfing in balmy bliss. "In France, we have great waves, but here, you can just spend the whole day in board shorts since the water is pretty hot. Just surf, come out, do something else, surf again. Tropical vibe!" he laughs, highlighting the unique and inviting ambiance of this surfing utopia.
A giddy excitement paints Kyllian's face as he talks about his initial impression of Maldivian waves. Upon his arrival, Kyllian was welcomed by a surreal setting – crystal-clear blue waters and wave after wave that beckoned him to ride. "Pretty dreamy, we have blue waters, it's not gnarly and intense but the waves are consistent," he recounts, praising the Maldives for being a surfer's haven that caters to various skill levels. This pretty much sums up the surf scene in the Sunny Side of Life. The Maldives is like a surfer's jackpot – warm waters, smooth rides, and waves that suit everyone from rookies to shredders. Safety is the name of the game here, so you can ride with confidence. It's not just the waves that set the Maldives apart, but the laid-back atmosphere that comes with it – a destination where board shorts and good times go hand in hand.
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Yet, beyond the perfect waves and picturesque settings, Kyllian is drawn to the sustainability efforts being fostered in the Maldives. "Surfers respect and are connected to the ocean. The mentality of Maldivians and tourists have changed. They are already more respectable to surfers than before, and a culture is forming," he observed, nodding to the evolving mindset that values eco-friendly surfing and preservation of the marine playground. The Maldives' commitment to environmentally-friendly surfing etiquettes align with Kyllian's values and aspirations for a sustainable future for the sport he loves.
With an affinity for riding big barrels, certain surf spots in the Maldives hold a special place in Kyllian's heart. Cokes Break near Thulusdhoo Island, and Sultans Surf Point (11th best surf point in the world according to CNN GO) top his list of favourites. Among his most unforgettable experiences, one in the Maldives stands out – a session at Cokes where the waves grew larger and more exhilarating as the day progressed. "I saw one or two local surfers there, and I just had to jump in. It was such a great experience to surf those crazy waves and then lie on my board watching the incredible colours of the sunset. I will never forget it," Kyllian reminisces, painting a vivid picture of the magic of the Maldivian waters.
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For those itching to pack their bags and experience this for themselves, Kyllian's packing advice is simple – keep it light. "Bring normal boards, you don't need big boards or step ups, the waves don’t get too big. Just bring a normal board, or light performance board." he suggests, emphasising the Maldives' promise of optimal surfing conditions without the need for hefty equipment. 
As Kyllian bids adieu to the Sunny Side of Life, his final words resonate deeply – "I just hope the Maldives stays like a paradise as it is, keep evolving in a good way." 
So there you have it, fellow surfers. The Maldives is calling, and it's got everything – waves, vibes, and a community that's all about sharing with nature. With warm waters, incredible waves, and a burgeoning sustainable surf culture, we beckon wave riders to create their own stories, ride their favourite waves, and become part of the magic that Kyllian Guerin has so passionately shared.
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