Angsana Velavaru Relaunches Funa Restaurant with World Class Pan Asian Cuisine

Funa Restaurant, one of the two over-water restaurants of Angsana  Velavaru, reopened its doors in late 2021 with a revamped menu inspired by the brand's Asian Roots.  
Angsana Velavaru's Executive Chef Prasong Thaochan created a menu consisting of classic dishes with  a slightly modern twist, concise yet bursting with flavours that will take the guests on a culinary journey  to Asia. The Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian classic street foods will remind one of the bustling night  markets, quiet rice fields, and conical hats. At the same time, the Japanese and Korean Rice Bowl  selection will bring one to a reverie of a street filled with cherry blossoms and historical shrines and  temples. 
Angsana Velavaru's All Inclusive Meal Plans offer the guests choices according to their preferences.  And among the five different meal plans, STYLE and MAX plans provide exclusive access to Funa  Restaurant, which opens from eleven in the morning until ten in the evening, providing beverages all day and hearty lunches and dinners. In addition, a wide selection of wine is available to accompany the  signature dishes and enhance the culinary experience. 
The restaurant's capacity is limited to a maximum of sixteen persons only at a time, making it a perfect  setting for romantic dinners for couples, given the exclusivity and tranquil ambiance. Yet it can also  host intimate events for small corporate groups or a group of families or friends with prior reservations.  
Perched on the lagoon, with access to stunning views of the turquoise waters at day time, spectacular  sunsets and star-filled sky in the night, and with the brand new World Class Pan Asian menu, Funa  Restaurant sets the stage for a memorable dining experience.  
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