Hulhule Island Hotel is Celebrating 19 Years of Hospitality

Hulhule Island Hotel opened its first city hotel at Velana International Airport with 85 rooms. In 2008, they extended the service with another 51 rooms coming with modern features such as private balcony and jacuzzi.
Located on the International Airport Island, Hulhule Island Hotel is a modern and exotic hotel catering to the diversified needs of guests. Set in a heavenly ambiance of turquoise blue waters, the airport hotel is a perfect place for guests wishing to add flavor to their vacation or just transiting through the Isle of Maldives. It is also ideal for guests traveling for business purposes.
The hotel is known for its classy and comfortable accommodation having rooms falling in various categories. The hotel rooms have a panoramic view of the exotic Indian Ocean in various shades of blue.
Plenty of leisure activities are available to choose from including Golf Putting, Beach Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball and a well-equipped Gymnasium for the sports and fitness enthusiasts. 
Fine dining options are also available as a number of restaurants and bars provide the guests with an ample spread and a grand dining experience set amidst pleasant surroundings.
This year, the hotel is celebrating 19 years of hospitality. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the doors are currently closed and will be reopening on 1st November, 2020.
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