Kuramathi Maldives launches reusable water bottles

In an ongoing effort to combat single-use plastic, Kuramathi Maldives is very proud to introduce another addition to our sustainable initiatives with the launch of reusable water bottles aimed at keeping guests hydrated and reducing their environmental footprint during their stay.
Portable and durable, the 550ml drinkware is made of borosilicate glass and comes with a fabric sleeve attached with a carry loop perfect for on-the-go adventures. This eco-friendly alternative aims to further curb the number of plastic bottles that are discarded in the ocean every year and in turn, encourages guests to contribute to the resort’s sustainability goals.
Part of this initiative is also the installation of eight water refilling stations around the island provided complimentary for guests to conveniently replenish their reusable bottles and enjoy their holiday with less waste. The resort houses its desalination and bottling plant producing potable water served to guests and team members.
Guests can show their support through the purchase of these reusable water bottles with part of the proceeds channeled to the resort’s corporate sustainability projects. “As a sustainability-minded resort we always try to find ways to break from the disposable cycle in our resort operations where possible, and through these programmes, we hope that even on holiday our guests can take steps in the environmentally friendly direction,” says Alain Trefois, Director of Operations.
A Travelife Gold certified resort since 2012, Kuramathi goes to great lengths advocating for low impact holidays by implementing green practices such as marine protection programs, proper waste management, optimising energy and water use, local community collaboration, and engaging guests with nature awareness activities.
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