Over 400,000 tourist arrivals have been recorded in Maldives so far

According to the most recent statistics as per the Ministry of Tourism, over 440,197 tourists have visited Maldives since 1st January till 16th November with 57,350 tourist arrivals since the borders reopened on 15th July.
Russia is the leading market for tourist arrivals with a total of 12,529 tourists as of 16th November. the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, India, Germany, Brazil, Ukraine and Spain are some of the top markets for Maldives this year.
On 15th November, Maldives made a new record of daily arrivals since the borders reopened with a rate of 2,1010 tourists. Currently, over 16,968 tourists have been marked this month.
Tourism industry professionals expect the number to increase in the coming month as the winter holiday season usually brings in a lot of tourists. Minister of Tourism Honorable Dr. Abdulla Mausoom has also stated that over 18 airlines will be operating to Maldives by the end of November. 
On 17th November, the Tourism Ministry approved 91 guest house permits to operate. The Tourism Ministry permitted tourist guest houses to reopen from 15th October, in line with the preventive measures for COVID-19 pandemic.
Tourism industry professionals estimate that Maldives will witness over 800,000 tourist arrivals by the end of 2020.
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