Patina Maldives Unveils Two New Collaborators In Artistic Workshop Series

Patina Maldives introduces a captivating series of artistic immersions for the month of March with the Dice Ideas Workshop Series and sketching workshops led by Tony Jaggas. Guests are invited to explore the world of creative expression and self-discovery through engaging experiences, fostering new life habits to adopt a lifestyle of experimentation, play and discovery.
Dice Ideas Workshop Series - March 6th to 20th
Step into the world of dice artistry with Ben and Ross at the Fari Art Atelier, the visionary duo behind Dice Ideas. Ben and Ross, childhood friends with diverse backgrounds in music, sports, design, and engineering, have captivated audiences worldwide with their unique artwork. Founded amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dice Ideas embodies the spirit of perpetual growth and creativity. Guests at Patina Maldives will have the opportunity to engage in the creative process, crafting intricate portraits and vibrant mosaics using dice as their medium.
Sketching with Tony Jagas - March 30th to April 9th
Prepare to unleash your inner artist with Tony Jaggas, also known as Inyama Anthony, who has honed his craft over nearly a decade, exploring new avenues of self-improvement and artistic innovation. From collaborating with international galleries to captivating audiences with his colorful creations, Tony’s fondness for vibrant scribble lines and nostalgic cartoon characters transcends boundaries, evoking joy and inspiration in viewers worldwide. Guests at Patina Maldives will immerse themselves in Tony’s exclusive exhibition and partake in captivating workshops, delving into the realms of artistic expression and creative inspiration.
The series of workshops debuted last year with sandal maker Martina Candela and was followed by textile artist David Nott. Acclaimed contemporary artist Ana Pusica wrapped up her residency and workshop series at the end of February. Future artistic workshops also include sessions with mural and window painting artists. At Patina Maldives, each moment is designed to inspire and create lasting memories. Through these soul-freeing experiences, Patina offers a unique opportunity for guests to tap into their creativity and forge meaningful connections through the universal language of art.
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