Stunning One Island, One Resort concept - Only in Maldives

The naturally self-isolated paradise, Maldives is home to various islands that dazzle with sugar-white sands and swaying palm-fringed coral lagoons that are fascinating unique destinations with the One Island, One Resort concept.
A prime holiday destination, Maldives is traditionally known for its high-end resorts that offer visitors a wide range of activities such as surfing, snorkeling, diving, swimming with the mantas, etc. that redefine adventure.
When traveling resumes, everybody will be looking for an all-exclusive retreat, and Maldives has some of the finest resorts in the world that are located individually on  several hundreds of coral islands. These are beautifully socially distanced from the city and the crowd, which makes for a perfect holiday destination post the pandemic. But for now, stay strong and stay home! The Maldives will commence “safe tourism” in July and will be ready to welcome you once again.
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