Sun, Sea, and Surf Therapy – Kuda Villingili Partners with The Wave Project to launch Soul Searching at Chickens Retreats this summer

The importance of ‘green spaces’ for mental health is a well-documented phenomenon, however  recent study’s have found how impactful blue spaces are. Pan-European research initiative ‘Blue  Health’ launched an investigation into the effect of ‘blue spaces’ on health from 2016 to 2020.  They found: “A greater exposure to blue spaces correlates with improved mental health,  wellbeing and more physical activity” (Dr Mireia Gascon). Even more intriguing, blue spaces have  the edge over green because of water’s uniquely psychologically restorative effect. 
Recognised by the NHS and prescribed by doctors to children in the UK, surf therapy has become  an established form of therapeutic support in the UK. Spending time in nature, especially in these  ‘blue spaces’, is proven to reduce the production of stress hormones, cortisol, and epinephrine.  This, combined with the benefits of physical activity and the satisfaction of learning a new skill,  makes surfing an unconventional and exciting new method of treatment. 
Kuda Villingili is collaborating with UK -based charity, The Wave Project, to bring surf therapy  to the one of the most beautiful blue spaces in the world: the Maldives. The Wave Project strive  to transform the lives of young people with many years proving how getting in the sea, surfing  and having fun in the water makes a measurable difference to young people’s health and  wellbeing. This summer, the Wave Project will be leading thrilling surf retreats during their  residency at the resort. 
Whilst the Maldives is celebrated for its crystal-clear waters and bright-white beaches, its  potential as a surfing hot-spot is often overlooked. Kuda Villingili is, in fact, one of the best  located resorts in the Maldives for surfers. Mere moments away from the famed Chicken’s Break,  the long, lively left can hold swells from 3ft to well over 10ft and provide wave rides up to an  impressive 500m long.  
Kuda Villingili’s Soul Searching at Chickens Retreats will explore how these ‘blue spaces’ can  provide such impact on the mental health and wellbeing on young people, focusing on outdoor  activities to explore the Maldives renowned beauty and nature. With a focus on mindfulness and  breathwork as well as exhilarating excursions from surfing and paddle boarding to yoga and  meditation, guests are invited on this journey to experience the wonders for the water and truly  immerse themselves in such idyllic blue spaces. 
Soul Searching at Chickens will be running from 26th July – 26th August, to view the Soul Searching  at Chickens brochure access Soul Searching at Chicken - Surf Retreat and to book onto the retreats  email [email protected]
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